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    I have stopped worrying about this issue about 10 years ago. I don't care what people think about me. I am an introvert, always have been and always will be. I am happy with my internal-self and embrace it. There is no one else like me and for that I enjoy being me. I don't have to prove to others that I am something that I am not. I've been there and done that in the past, its fails. Just be you. If God intended everyone to be extroverts than he wouldn't have created introverts, like myself. I am confident, high-esteemed, secure within my skin, and I hold my head up high. I am not ashamed of who I am or what I am. People misunderstand me or judge me for their own reasons, it doesn't phase me. It just goes to show that some don't really know me. People always say that it is the quiet ones that you really gotta watch. WATCH ME!

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    So... I got up at 0500 this morning, in good spirits and ready to begin a new week. My second week of nursing school. I hopped out of bed and headed downstairs to start the coffee and toast, plus feed my pets. Went back upstairs and ate my breakfast while I was checking email and visiting my favorite websites. I then got dressed for the day, packed up my things, and headed out the door with plenty of time to get to school.

    I sit through a whole day's lecture (0800-1500) listening and taking notes, as I should. After class was over, I spent an hour in the computer lab watching a video I needed to watch to complete homework for this week, then promptly left at 1600. When I got home from school, I hiked back upstairs to my computer room and plopped my heavy book bag and purse down on my desk. I finally sit down, let out a big sigh of relief to be finally home and was looking forward to relaxing for awhile before I began my nightly studies.

    Then, I decided to check my school's blackboard to see if any new notes, guides, or handouts were available. I clicked on my week 3 notes and my jaw hit the floor. I was now informed that I would have to print out 75 pages worth of notes for next week's lecture. My night quickly turned sour. I began searching for more information that was new and available and found more notes I had to print out for the upcoming weeks. Twenty-five pages here, 35 pages there, 15 pages here... etc.

    I am now depressed, cranky, and overwhelmed. I even shed some tears. What once was a good day has now turned for the worse. I have two quizzes this week and one major exam next week. I should be studying Yet, I am here blowing off steam and hoping someone can relate to how I am feeling right now.

    Here's hoping tomorrow will be better, at least its a new day. Thanks for listening.

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    Quote from edatri
    I'm in a small class of 24 students. Often the instructor will ask a question and no one will volunteer to answer it. I often know the answer and I'm not afraid to speak out, but I don't want to seem like the "know-it-all" in class. However, I do want to make a good impression. I usually wait to see if anyone else is going to answer or if the instructor is going to randomly call on someone before raising my hand. Should I continue to volunteer answers and comments or should I just keep my mouth shut like everyone else?
    Speak up! Without sounding totally insensitive here because that is not my intention, but do what is best for you and try not to let what others think affect you. They may all have the same questions you do and are too afraid to say something. If you're not afraid to say something, everyone wins, especially you in the end.

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    Quote from Stephalump
    So the semester starts and you have to read 145 chapters a night for the 2,000 question tests your professors give every 3 days. You can no longer do it all, so what do you let go of first?

    Sleep? Showers? Dishes? Date nights? Exercise? Sanity?
    Select ALL that apply.

    a. sleep ✓
    b. showers
    c. dishes ✓
    d. date nights ✓
    e. exercise ✓
    f. sanity ✓

    Not bad. 5 out of 6 apply. Do I get a cookie?

    I will have several of these types of questions on my first major exam in about a week.

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    Would plastic/cosmetic surgery fall under this too? I know some plastic surgeons (in my area at least) have their own day surgery centers. Also, is it common for new grads to get hired at these day surgery places or are they better off starting in a hospital OR? I ask because I can eventually picture myself working at a place like this in the future, after nursing school.

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    What do you think of them?

    A. Yay!

    B. Nay.

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    Tired, moody, brain-fried. Did I mention tired?

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    I like my classmates. Everyone is nice and friendly and helpful, they are great. They really are. But, I am not too trusting right now. It is still too soon, and still too early for me to get personal. My class has 40+ students right now and the semester just started this week. Who is gonna be here a month from now, 2 months, 3 months etc. Who is gonna pass Fundamentals and enter Med-Surg 1 in January? Who is gonna make it into Med-Surg 1, and pass? I've been down this street before, and I'm not doing it again. At least, not right now. I am polite, friendly, helpful and get along with them all really well so far, but that doesn't mean I have to get close. After Med-Surg 1, I will then see who is still here to be friends with?

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    Graduation. That's my motivation.

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    ^ what Rainbow said.

    I heard plenty of this on the first day. I'm not letting it phase me. Don't let it phase you either! You gotta do, what you gotta do.

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    I start school in two days. And, honestly, I am not as scared as I thought I would be. I am totally fine and calm. I feel very well informed of what to expect this coming week. Is this normal? I like my instructors, my classmates are great, I feel prepared and ready to work, and things are just peachy. I have already started reading my texts and trying to get a little ahead of things while I can.

    Is this the calm before the storm or am I in for a rude awakening? Because, I just don't see it.

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    I bought a roller! I have a favorite bag which has served me well for many classes, but it just can't hold up to my needs. I put all the things I needed to put in it for the first day of class, and almost broke my shoulder and my bag! Yeah.... So.... Roller all the way! I bought a High Sierra Powerglide. The thing is massive! It holds it all and then some. I have room for everything in it and its on wheels. I just hope it will last for me until I graduate. I'm not so worried about the bag itself, but the wheels. The wheels have got to last.

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    Quote from Stephalump
    Best. Ever.
    ^^ most definitely.