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    Quote from PaulHagerty
    Does anyone know the final stats for number of applicants and number accepted? It would also be helpful if some of you that got in (and are sadly unlikely to be looking at this page any longer) could share a bit about what you think they are seeking beyond good grades, references, and hitting it off in the interview. Come to think of it, there may not be anything beyond that, but please, use your imagination.
    I've heard different numbers. But I think total number of applicants were around the 2400 range. Numbers accepted were around 40. I felt like I was just really lucky to be offered an interview. I have my acls, bls, pals, nrp, & advanced 12 lead EKG interpretation. We just went Magnet, and I just wanna clarify that it's not just BSNs that they're interested in. There are lots of ASN people that were accepted into the program as well. So all the ASN graduates, do not lose hope!

    As far as the interview goes, just show that you're compassionate about nursing. Take your time in answering the questions, pause and gather your thoughts when necessary. I didn't feel confident in answering the clinical scenarios, but I think what really helped me was just expressing how much I enjoy helping others and the satisfaction that it gives me at the end of the day. If you chose nursing as a career because of a significant event that happened or encounters with nurses, DEFINITELY incorporate that into your answers. Have a portfolio ready for each interviewer (not just a resume and cover letter attached with a paper clip).

    Hope that helps!

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    Quote from KickPushCoast
    I am very fortunate to have been offered a position in pediatric hem/onc/bmt. Wondering if anyone else will be joining me in the training program for this unit! Good luck everyone.
    Congrats!! I'm not on that unit but was offered a position on one of the adult units. Was wondering if you have already started the paperwork process?

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    You can apply for an interim permit after you graduate and work for six months with the permit. But some hospitals require you to have a license.

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    Did you get offered a position?

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    I had two speeding tickets, but never had to report it to the BRN. I'm sure you have to report a DUI though.

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    Has anyone received a call to interview for the orthopedic unit ? I know someone on FB got called but declined.

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    Transferring to a CSU nursing program is extremely competitive. You would have to have a very high cumulative GPA with stellar grades in your prerequisites classes. As far as having a college life at a JC, its completely different than dorming at a CSU. But it's how you make of it. If you're really serious about getting into nursing, I would focus on school. There's always going to be time to party, but make school your priority.

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    Quote from andee310
    I am also in the same boat. I have not heard back from the recruiter yet after the reference or survey check. She said that interviews will be starting on the week of july 16.
    If you don't mind me asking, what unit were you contacted for?

    The nurse recruiter said that she would be in contact with me soon with the information about the interview time/date. I called today and left a message, so i'll keep you updated with the info.

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    Quote from chayaRN
    No, this is prior to interview (7/16). I received a call (and email) from NR last week about this survey.

    Thanks. Not sure if I will get call in for an interview ... keeping my fingers crossed.
    Hey! Did the NR ever call you back to set up an interview? Im in the same boat.

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    Quote from rosern1
    Perinatal is on round 2 this week. Cardiac/tele already picked 6 candidates. I didn't get an interview with them but i have one with an acute care unit. Goodluck to all! Interviews start next week per HR. If you weren't called this week, i don't know if they'll ever call...
    Congrats on landing an interview! What unit are you interviewing for? And did you have to complete any steps before the interview?

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    Hi lemonchiffon. I just wanted to know what unit you interviewed for? Also do you have any tips for people who have interviews coming up? Thanks and congrats on your interview and good luck!!