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    So true. I found that most disrespect I've received from patients, families or co workers was simply due to their situation. Once we had a neutral person step in and help, case management or social services involved, a lot of that cleared up and we could all get along again. I also once received a written apology from a dr that didn't "want to be bothered" with phone calls with individual patient problems/concerns.
    It's ok to speak up kindly and ask questions. I try to be the person you would want to work with. It doesn't always work, but I will try harder next time.
    I've been in 3 hospitals in the past 5 years and every situation has taught me something valueable. It's not always been easy or pretty. But which job is? I've flipped burgers at McDonald's and stocked shelves at Tuesday morning. It all has its problems.
    I feel the profession is very well respected and am proud to be a nurse.

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    Thanks for all the great info. I am also interested in a BSN-DNP online program. I am trying to find something that is close to my home for the few required on campus/clinical activities. Anyone know if there is anything near Northern Virginia/Panhandle West Virginia area? I heard Johns Hopkins Nursing School is starting one too. Anyone know if this is so?
    Thanks, austria