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  • Dec 6 '11

    i've spoken to a representative from college network. i applied to indiana state university, but still need to submit my transcripts. is it true that phase iii can be completed in 16 weeks?

    no - untrue
    phase 2 is the 4 challenge nursing tests. phase 3 is the actual isu online program. if you do not have a bachelors, you will also be required to take additional university gen ed classes. if you have an aa degree, this cuts down on some of the required gen classes but not all. either way -- you must take 6 clinical classes and 8 didactic classes. i am in calif and do not know how the program is arranged for other non-california isu lpn to bsn students. normally a semester is 18 weeks. it is impossible to complete your lpn to bsn program in 16 weeks.

    putting it another way, you can graduate in 16 weeks--after you put in 16 weeks in this course, 16 weeks in the next semester's course, 16 weeks in the course after that, and so on......