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    Hi All!

    I'd love to get feedback on my cover letter:

    I am writing to express my interest in the PICU job at XXX hospital; I think I would make a wonderful addition to your nursing team. As you can see in my resume, I am a December 2013 ABSN graduate and have worked in the Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit at XXX since then. Before moving to X city, I lived in XXX for many years and am familiar with the excellent reputation, state of the art facilities and outstanding patient care at XXX.

    Working in a fast paced critical care unit, I have learned to care for complex patients with multiple organ system involvement, manage busy patient assignments, do extensive patient and family teaching, work with patients who have the ability to decompensate quickly, and work collaboratively with our provider team, all of which I believe would be an asset in the PICU.

    I play a central role in maintaining safe staffing levels, financial accountability, and positive unit morale through my scheduling committee responsibilities. Additionally, I contribute to patient satisfaction and nurse-patient relationships through my involvement on the psycho-social committee comprised of doctors, nurses, social workers, and child life specialists.

    I enjoy learning new things on the job, do not shy away from difficult assignments, and have an affinity for relating to patients and their families in stressful situations. I would love to have the opportunity to become an involved and dedicated member of your PICU nursing team!

    I have already applied through XXX’s website, but I wanted to introduce myself as a potential candidate. I hope to hear from you soon to set up an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    Wow!! I can't tell you how great it was to read your post on what it's like to be on a peds BMT unit! I a in an ABSN program at a teaching hospital, and I just found out that I was placed in my #1 choice (peds BMT) for my senior preceptorship. I was already so excited, but you just made my day! Everything you described is exactly what I am looking for. You did such an awesome job of relaying the extreme acuity along with the intense patient family interaction and psycho-social support. The best combination ever! Thank you so much for taking the time to describe it so well. It definitely sounds challenging! Can't wait!!!

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    Thanks for sharing your success story! Here's a big question that I have- I'm graduating from an ABSN program in December, and looking for jobs in Raleigh/Durham and also in Dallas where I lived before this program. I am having the hardest time getting a contact name/email/number in human resource departments in Dallas. I'd like to ask them simple questions about new grad positions, like when they will post, what the timing for interviews might be. Any ideas on how to break into the HR fortresses? I did get the name of a recruiter that an acquaintance used last response to an email that I sent. Any tips would be great!! Thanks

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    Congrats to both of you!!! Mellzie...let us know if you change your mind.

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    We are rooting for you!!!

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    Kathryn2015- what kind of program are you in? How long will it take? Does it go throughout the summers?

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    I just got my email...I'm in. We have to reply by April 19th. ABSNhopeful, you will definitely get in being number 2 on the wait list!!! Let us know as soon as you hear!

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    Thank you so much for starting this thread! And thank you to all of the nurses who posted their heart-felt and realistic comments. Obviously, every career or life situation has its pros and cons; nursing is no different in that regard than anything else. I am about to start an ABSN program, and it is nice to read some positives along with the vents. Both are so important because both are reality. This will be a second career for me...I've done many other things, from an 15-18 hour per day business career to being a stay at home mom...pretty big spectrum! I'm so happy that I am going into the nursing field; it is my time in life to be a care taker and give back to people. I'm not expecting it to be a cake walk or glamorous...just a chance to bring some comfort, peace and healing to patients and their families. I'm hoping that I have some co-workers who enjoy their jobs as much as some of you do. One day at a time.....

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    Thanks for your comments. I have definitely given my path to RN some thought...I am going to go the accelerated BSN route since I already have a degree in finance. I have been accepted to a program that starts in May, and still waiting to hear from another that starts in the fall....both are 15 month programs that are pretty intensive and go year round. I just finished all of my prerequisite classes, and really loved the science courses....I was a finance major the first time around.

    As far as the physical part...I am in pretty good shape still and have lots of energy. I am very physically active and am used to being on my feet a lot, so hopefully nursing won't be too big of a shock to my system!

    I've also been volunteering at our local Children's Hospital 10-12 hours a week, mostly doing the same job that the techs do...I really love it, and don't mind being at the bottom of the ladder; I think in anything it is really important to start at the bottom so that you appreciate those around you.

    Your comments/questions are great for me to think about! Thanks!

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    Congrats Melzie! Definitely put your money down to save a won't even care about the money if you get into'll be so excited. My sister got her masters in nursing at Vandy and then worked in the NICU for a long time....she loved it! Either one is a great choice. Probably depends on if you want a direct entry program or a BSN. Either way, you win! Congrats!

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    ok fellow second rounders....I wanted to share some encouragement. I sent a message to Infirmière Angiela who was on the waiting list last year; she got her acceptance in July. She sent back the most ENCOURAGING message. She loves the program and is doing really well. She encouraged us all to keep hanging on if we really want Duke. Wanted to pass it on to the rest of you!

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    Well..your good company just grew! I'm on the wait list as well, and really bummed! The program that I got into starts in May, so I don't have much time to wait and hear! Congrats to everyone who was accepted! Keep us all posted if you decide on a different school.

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    Just emailed M and received a very quick response. She said they were hoping to have them ready to send by will be email.

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    Thanks for keeping us up to know we are all dying to hear!

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    I think we should all do "rock, paper, scissors" to see who is going to call and get an update tomorrow! I can wait for anything as long as I know the time frame.... The worst is thinking that it might be any moment!!