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    In CEC

    We have approved nursing CE courses at that are accepted in all states - you automatically receive a certificate of completion if you pass the post-test (70%). These would get submitted to your state BON.

    Hope this helps!

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    Too funny! I know I had called in sick a few years ago and the supervisior asked me how high my fever was. When I told her 101, she asked me to check it again and call her back - if it was 100 or below, I should be able to make it, I didn't call her back!

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    Although it can be frustrating at times, the grass is always greener to some. I am a RN and have had countless questions/comments from friends and family like "you're so smart, why didn't you become a doctor?" I think we all should be proud of our role, no matter what the designation is.

    My choice focused on having more flexibility in life/career and being in a role where I could impact my patients in some way...but then, I shouldn't have to explain myself.

    Those "pickle-faces" as I call them, are in all industries and jobs. They take advantage of a perceived "pecking" order because they lack self-worth. Easier to pick on others than to look at themselves. It tends to be a vicious cycle in healthcare...even in that song Farmer and the Dell, the nurse is next to the dog!

    We should be working together to improve public opinion

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