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    I am taking my students for clinicals on tele floor and want to know how to guide them....should i hand them their obj thru college syllabus or give them objectives for every day which would help them in their care plans etc.

    i am thinking of letting them care for 2 pts first and work on their communication and skills. I really want to protect my students as just being used as nurse aides because most hospitals these days are downsizing CNA's and students end up just picking linens and emptying urinals.

    thanks in advance

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    I agree with Fiona59

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    You have to analyze why you are failing, what is it that you are missing.may be your way of studying needs direction.

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    oh no i actually meant Clinical Instructor. These days in order to take students to facilities clinical instructor has to spend 3-5 days on floor as getting oriented like new nurse with a preceptor and for these days she does not gets paid as RN as there are hr limitation for payment by community colleges. She does it on her own time with less pay.

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    Why some hospitals go over faculty competency checklist !!

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    please guys if you are new nurses don't leave jobs so soon, I know floors are very difficult these days but you do need experience. Always start with paper trail. First go and seek help, let somebody know in writing that you need more orientation time. Try to document everything whatever is happening. Give it a try and if every door closes with your employer then give proper notification and leave. Don't bad mouth your employer in front of coworkers as words travel fast.

    I know its difficult I can feel your frustration but don't let anybody makes you forget about your hard work for board exams, your fees for nursing schools.

    Next time when you go for interview for new job ask for orientation duration first and don't get intimidated by questions. Sometimes employers just need licensed nurse, a body whom they can list on floor and rest is left on nurses and their licenses.

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    first of all being a citizen will be a long process but you'll get rights to work. However, you need to take some board exam so that you get registered in UK too. The most important thing would be getting transitioned in different work area. Working on accent, learning about western culture, diff patient population, nurses autonomy. Everything will be smooth as long as motivation and passion for care is there.

    I would suggest working as nursing assistant for few months so you get to know the difference and responsibility attached as healthcare provider.

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    I dont think instructors have to do anything with this. People do come into this profession for money, stability and respect. Unfortunately they do get money but no respect .......and stability........ gets lost by rules and policies of management. Going into informatics is a personal choice but I do agree at least couple of years of floor exp is necessary. I have seen only 1-2 % nurses who want to go to informatics in my work area. its just that awareness for these options are more now than few decades ago.

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    You can hide that you are fired if your last hospital has neutral reference policy but how would you answer the question in job application where it asks you to reply whether u were terminated or involuntarily resigned from last job. It would help you if you can have some average reference too from anybody with whom you had worked.
    Yes, as others have suggested you cannot start the blame game because recruiters or managers don't like that. You can say given correct guidance and orientation you would be better nurse as your employer wants you to be. hope this helps.
    good luck

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    hospital is business these days and management makes the ultimate decision. There are so many ways to get to a nurse if somebody really wants you out of the facility. Don't be upset, you are not the first one. its intimidating tactics to throw somebody out when they cannot do it otherwise. Micromanaging is start of gathering evidence against you.

    Don't worry, start looking for new jobs and explain the prospective employer your viewpoint. As some employers are quick in firing, some employers are quick in hiring when they have a need for floor nurses. Use your supportive coworkers for reference.

    It will be alright. Stay Strong

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    I am current student in masters program. Instructors are very helpful and it requires good coordination in group works if you are enrolled in online class. You should also think about different role options in masters program too as to what if you don't get accepted for fnp. Just a plan B. How many years of clinical experience you have.

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    hi canned_bread

    What advice we can give ? if a new nurse is spotted with new ideas to decrease the load she is the first one to face lateral violence and management's manipulation. There are some good managers who are good team leaders but even they are forced to rethink over their concern for the staff under new commercial money making hospital business.

    They can do their job with caution,care and documentation, documentation, documentation and be careful of unsafe environment for patients and peers. There should be organizations, genuine ones to help new grads, not preceptors who already have opinion about everything.

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    Its a very demanding program and you need to have dedication to get good grades. FNP role option is tough to get accepted t to. good luck

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    its also because nursing unions have members who bow down to management under some pressures. its basic right of every human being to have breaks for meals and sanity but nowadays most of the nurses are struggling with these issues in many hospitals. I don't know how hungry nurses are well equipped to handle daily patient care tasks. While there are cubicles or offices for managers who are busy attending meetings as to how to make more rules and policies, poor nurses are busy thinking how to find time to eat because 4 out of her 5 pts use commode and CNA is already loaded with 16 pts.

    its sad but nurses are oppressed class.

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    Thanks, Yes I am aware of their textbooks but I would prefer giving case studies relating more to students' clinical rotation. Good idea as suggested by you all.