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    same old song?
    I graduated five months, VERY unwisely moved to a different state (family reasons), so I had to jump through all of those licensing hoops and have only recently gotten my license.

    I've missed every deadline for every hospital I can see. All of these residency programs only offered twice a year or so... I live in a very large city (San Antonio, TX), but can't seem to find anyone who wants to hire me w/o experience.
    I feel like vomiting...but since I'm waiting tables I should probably find a different outlet.

    Any help? Advice? I feel like such a complete failure.

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    So, how could I have not known that I was supposed to be applying to jobs right in the middle of mid-terms?... Anyways, I'm sure this is a frequent event but I'm kind of "freaking out" a bit. It seems that I've missed the deadlines for several residency programs I was interested in.
    Any advice?

    [the good: I've got decent grades from a top ten institution, published.]

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    I'm a future grad., about four months away now!, and am very interested in what the nursing corps offers in terms of loan repayment.
    That being said, I really don't know where to start. I've read through the "Fiscal Year 2014 Application and Program Guidance" and am now sending emails to everyone possible.

    Does anyone have experience with this? Do you need to get the job first?
    I can find the shortage areas (somewhat) here:, but am lost from there.

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    A primer of sorts?

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    Curious if anyone knows who will be conducting the interview for those who applied to the BSN/MSN with an acute care speciality (2012)?