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  • Dec 8 '11

    There's two kinds of nurses. Those who've made a med error with disastrous consequences, and those who've made a med error and got lucky it didn't have disastrous consequences. I'm happy to be one of the lucky ones, and hope to remain so. And I'm grateful for the system safeguards put in place to help me avoid falling into the first group.

  • Nov 27 '11

    Quote from Karl Farmer
    Nurses eat their young, always have, and always will. It's party due to envy (you may be prettier than they are, or rebuke their advances), partly job security fear (they can fire tham and hire new grads cheaper), and other reasons, and I'm sure we all could name a few?
    I didn't see any nurse eating going on here. I have no idea where you were going with the "rebuke their advances" remark.

    Why is it whenever someone is having a problem with their job, it's a;ways the fail of the seasoned nurses? Maybe the OP just isn't suited for ICU and would do better on a med-surg floor. Maybe she just needs more time to adapt to the job.

    Decades of nurses graduated and started working; there was not the level complaining and accusing older nurses of "eating their young" like there is now. Have we raised the next generation to be unable to handle criticism/negative feedback? Nurses new to the profession should expect negative feedback; they're new to the profession and are going to make mistakes. Mistakes must be addressed...people's lives are at stake.