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    Quote from SimplisticRnx
    Whoa! i just noticed that they added the cover letter and resume requirements now. Thank you for the updates!! Good thing I haven't submitted anything yet. Btw, do you guys know on the cover letter, do we just list out our top 3 choices or list them all out? Thanks
    Hi SimplistcRNx: I am glad for the updates too because I had already submitted mine before today's updated requirements--gotta re-do the cover letter and resume. In any case, I just list all the departments in the order that I wanted.

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    Thank you so Penny112! I appreciate your prompt response and I am on it!

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    Hey guys! I applied a few days ago and noticed today that they have outlined specific requirements to be on the cover letter and resume( it was noted on there before). I was wondering if you guys have any idea on how to go about resubmitting the documents? Do I just delete the previous documents and upload the updated ones? Thanks for any responses.

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    Quote from gettingcloser
    anyone apply for UC DAVIS clinical 1 new grad positions in PICU and Birth Center?
    Gettingcloser: what is the website for thee grad program? I wasn't aware that they have a new grad program. Thank you!

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    Yeah I saved quite a few positions in my file ad emailed for more info but haven't heard back. I'm not sure if I could apply as my graduation date is for this summer. Do you know anything more about the requirements? I also noticed that some positions doesn't speficify required years of experience.

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    what positions did you apply for?
    Somehow I saw that they have unposted the training program for L&D.