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    I was curious about the male nursing experience with schools in Alaska, particularly in Fairbanks. I have decided to go back to school after being in the Carpenters Union, here in Fairbanks for almost ten years. Nursing has always been on my mind since high school, but I had children at an early age and had to put college off to secure a life for my boys. Now they are 10 and 12 and I have some time to pursue those dreams from so long ago. I have two main concerns: How many men get into the ADN degree program from Fairbanks and if I'm not accepted to the program after the initial year after pre-reqs, how long could the process take to finally get in? Are we talking about a semester, year, or even a few semesters or years after pre-reqs are done? I am currently enrolled in pre-nursing, here at UAF, and I've heard that 50 People applied last year for the Nursing program, but they only accept 16 per year. So what happens to the other 34 people that applied? Are there more than enough people on the "Alternative" wait list that it doesn't even make sense to give it a try because it could take 2 years after pre-reqs?
    FYI: I'm am going into my second semester in January 2012, and I am enrolled into the CNA program for this Spring, with hopes of obtaining and implementing my new skills as a CNA. Is there a lot of work in the Fairbanks Community for a CNA?

    Thanks for your time,