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  • Feb 12 '13

    Sounds just like the job I've been at for 3 months! Except I don't get 6 cna's I get 5! That extra person will be a life saver! You will learn that its a very demanding job. You probably won't be putting in iv's and not many foleys. You'll be dealing with G tubes and a lot of wounds. There are just too many patients and you probably won't get much of a break, nor will you get out on time. I get paid about 15 hours less than I actually work, along with an UNpaid break. Some nights I am going nuts trying to call DR's and get orders, pick up orders, set up G tubs, checking blood sugars, doing PT/INR checking, calling Dr's with abnormal labs ( you will learn even if the H&H is low you better check the last one because if its not significantly lower the Dr's don't want to hear about it.) Being a new grad with no prior med pass experience I have been thrown on the subacute unit with a 30 pt med pass and on my unit I've had to do the 60 pt med pass. Its not fun... Any of it. The one amazing thing is how much you will really love all the residents. They become people you want to protect! My facility has cut staff and I have to say it has made the 3-11 shift extremely stressful. Its not longer about residents in this economy. Its about DOCUMENTATION and getting reimbursed along with how much money the owners make to stay afloat. Its sickening especially when the residents start to mean so much to you. I hear the hospital is even worse but a 60 and 30 pt med pass on subacute was insane! You will learn a lot about the profession we've gotten into in the first 3 months. Some nights you will question why you've become a nurse (maybe). But when I have a resident who I can actually sit and talk to (when I have time which is rare) and find out about their history and the wars they've lived through, its amazing. Think about your self and your family when you're trying to do the best for the residents. Feel free to private message me. Btw what shift are you on? And what state?

  • Dec 14 '12

    I interviewed too on Monday and they said it would take till Mon, 12/17 for them to get back to everyone. I received the references link later in the day after the interview and sent them out the same day. Crossing my fingers for us all!

  • Dec 5 '12

    I had a preceptorship in NICU and at a Women's Center which included L&D, Triage, and antepartum. I did a leadership rotation on a postpartum unit. In addition, I have all my certs, took the MNNC, and a member of AWHONN, and sigma theta tau. I conducted a research study my senior year about the birth process. It's rough to wait for the right position, but I'm sure it will all work out how it's supposed to!!

  • Nov 12 '12

    It's so hard out there. I'm sure something will come up. I'm at 10 months now going on 11 and have done the volunteering and the classes/certifications. It can get so discouraging but keep on goingg. I saw on fb that someone found a job after 2 years so there's still hope!

    Quote from Jazi123
    sad I didn't get a call from Mary birch L&D, got a little excited after i found out my app went to manager. I just don't know what it takes I've done all the classes, certifications, I guess I was missing that last bit of luck. I'll just keep sending them out.