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    I applied as well and already got my acceptance to the general school and I am now hoping and praying that I get into the Nursing program. I am not sure if I should accept the acceptance(lol) into the university first so that they will consider me for the nursing or what should I do?....

    I also emailed them and found out that they admit about 160 people each year.

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    Im a frustrated pre-nursing student. I tried to get into the nursing program at JJC and it didnt work out. Now I am considering other schools such as Northern Illinois University, and St. Francis. I think I LIKE NIU better but would appreciate if anybody has any information as to admissions as a transfer student, I admit my gpa is not so hot (3.0) and I don't know if this is competitive enough to get into NIU. please if anyone knows what past transfers have as their gpa to get into the program at NIU i would apprecate the info. as well as anything else you have to say about NIU.... THANKS