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    All nurses need to protect their interest. Nurses that are mean are not that way by chance. But, because they have learn to adjust to survive in tense environments. Nurses deal with life and death. Weak nurses get the worst duties, patients and floors. They are the first to get their bonuses, pay and shifts cut in budget problems. 4 nurses who enter the hospital field all left because they couldn't cut the tense environment are now working in calm nursing homes. It's more to nursing than being an excellent nurses. nurses aide. You have to build up a repretation of respect then they don't bother you. Stop letting your guard down. They are not going to change, you have to change. Demand respect, no one will confront a bulldog only a puppy. If you want to make it you have to sink or swim. Be a cna of outstanding repretation and no one will disrespect you.

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    They have to be or they will get cheated out of their bonus, pay, hours and shifts, and when management need to cut something who will they look to the nices nurse who never complains. Nurses that are weak their cna's will take more breaks, not give her patients the best care, cna want be prompt with needed labs. Nursing have to be stern because they are dealing with life and death. Look at the Doctors. Nurses have great responsibilites. There are no trying to be mean by make it in the working environment.