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    Woooooow!!! I sarcastically applaude those who have posted their pessimistic remarks that are of little value and demeaning. I will never fully understand why people tend to post their filth on here and assume that they are being helpful. I also can't believe how people on this thread can be so negative and downright disrespectful towards a fellow nursing student who was willing to share with us her first day of nursing school. Let me say a few things that I always tell everyone who have or WILL come people who are drowning in their own miserable tears. Never, let people like that get to you in ANY way, shape or form. The only reason why they feel the need to bring people down is because they are not happy themselves and thus they take it out on others and they should find ways to deal with their personal issues. I'm sorry but I believe that people who put others down are missing the qualities of what a real nurse is suppose to be like, in my honest opinion. Real nurses don't do that, but rather they do the opposite. They provide helpful insights, advices, experiences, we share our moments of good and bad together and most importantly, we are there for eachother in hard times when we need a shoulder to lean on. Keep up your positive and ethusiastic attitude, OP! Keep your head up high, do the best you can, learn the best you can and most importantly enjoy the many upcoming adventures that nursing school will have to offer! We are always certainly open & ready to hear people's experiences of their first day of nursing school. I remember being in your shoes once years ago, so it brings back precious memories. I'm glad that you enjoyed it so far, I wish you all the best and I don't doubt your success.

    As Thumper's Mother always use to tell Thumper: IF YOU CAN'T SAY SOMETHING NICE, DON'T SAY NOTHING AT ALL.

    If this doesn't help here's a video of Thumper saying it:

    Even animated cartoon characters have more common sense.

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    Thank you very much! I know for most people it is difficult to get hired, especially as a new grad. Sadly, I've come across many students from a variety of University & Colleges, even those from highly reptuable schools and are still searching for jobs!! It's crazy, some even went back to school because they want a different career. I always tell those who don't have jobs, to keep your heads high and to never stop trying. Anything is possible in this world and it only takes time, dedication and commitment. Especially at this period of time, it's economically hard, so it's totally understandable but in the long run, things will definitely change.

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    I share my account with my youngest sister who is too trying to get into the nursing program like I had many of years ago. I went to BCIT and I'm helping her to get into the program. So what's wrong with having shared accounts? A lot of people, almost everyone actually, know this already Stephalump You really thought that I'm going to make a fool out of myself like that? LOL. Besides, it's the only thread she goes on so she found no point in creating an account, so she goes on mine I find it rather irrelevant as to what you are trying to do? I've been working as an RN for almost 5 years now and I really do not appreciate nor' will I tolerate your childish behaviour, you must have a lot of time on your hands. I'm going to politely ignore your attitude and crude behavior, as I do not have the time for this. I hope you understand and I want you to know that you did not offend me in any way.

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    Besides there are some things which cannot be evidently proven by online articles or by statistical data findings. For instance, the University, from which I have graduated from in order to obtain my BSN and specialty certificate, over 90% of graduates from the years 2005 until now have all been hired as RN's and some...even before they've achieved their degrees. So there's my two cents. Just because in most countries or states, the job outlook for nurses are pretty slim doesn't mean it's like that everywhere.

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    Sorry you feel that way
    I had to do all the research myself and it's really not that hard, lol. But I understand if you aren't able to do your own research to find the answers to your questions. That's something you either have to do alone or find out by someone else, which you have found. However, I'm certainly not going to spend my time and energy on something that's not worth my time or will have no impact whatsoever, just saying.

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    Yup and hey, you've completed nursing school, am I correct? If yes, then I think you are capable and educated enough to do the research yourself I mean you already know how to post sensless comments on threads that are of little value.

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    Oh you'd be surprised of how many new grads are getting hired, well at least where I live and of course new graduate nurses would be "inexperienced" it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. That's why they get hired get experience and grow. That goes for any jobs out there. No grads who are fresh out of University will have the experience instilled with them already for their takes time and dedication. Besides, what's with the negative remark? It seems like you've been having no luck.

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    Those are just qualities of nursing I pointed out however, it may also fit under all other health career jobs as well. I know that there is HUGE demand of physical therapists and Registered Massage Therapists...well at least where I live. It's in so much demand that were is competition between companies over those who apply for a job...I went to my physio and he said it is so hard to hire a person because they are looking for a certain individual. One that isn't arrogant and actually considers the patients need, is their advocate, is caring and polite. He's been in the business for 15 in any health career job that you willingly pursue you must remember you are dealing with patients so it is most certainly relevant to have these necessitous qualities. For instance, if there are rude physio therapists dealing with a patient, I highly and strongly doubt that they'd ever go back to give them business again. Same goes for nurses for example, if you are rude and don't take into account of the patient's needs, you're going to have a bad reputation as well as complaints from patients.

    That's why it is so important that any health care professionals exceed in these definite qualities. This is just my opinion.

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    Good question! I think it's a bit of both actually..from personal experience I've came across nursing students who are doing it for the money & benefits and some are in it because they love to be caring, assertive, passionate, and all the other qualities that nurses must be instilled with. As for me, personally, I'm doing it because I have the qualities of a nurse

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    Remember...when we leave this world it's our doings, our deeds that we all take with us in the end. NOTHING ELSE.
    It's very simple. If you don't like somebody, if you can't get along with someone and if someone says anything to you just walk away or IGNORE them! You don't have to be friends with everyone, because that's just human nature. It's so important to not hurt anybody's feelings because no one has that right to do that. Life is so short and we must act professional with one another and look at ourselves and think on how we can become better people in our professional or personal lives. We must NEVER judge somebody or hear or believe what everyone else says from their mouths because everyone has the ability to find out the truth themselves. If you don't see it don't believe it. Make the most of what you have now...and help those who are in need of help and don't shun them away because there was a reason why that person came to you in the first place...god's watching. We are so blessed to be nurses...our job is to help one another...just think about how fortunate we are compared to billions of other unfortunate individuals out there. No one wants stress these days either, we all want to live long and happy lives and the best way to do this is to relieve ourselves from contributing factors derived from stress that we may bring upon ourselves and especially others.

    Much love to all, we are so fortunate in many ways...remember that...lets never turn our backs on our nursing friends.

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    Quote from RNintraining72
    I feel Kayruhh's pain too! I feel terrible for you! We all make mistakes..just learn from this and I hope things work out for you!!!
    Absolutely...and she can always apply again if she wants too

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    I am sorry to hear that you got kicked out because you were tested positive. I and others as well are in absolutely no position to judge you or the decision(s) you willingly decide to take.
    However, I will hope that you find a way to choose the right path in life and may you have the wisdom, courage and determination to pursue a career for yourself in order to live a prosperous yet happy life. By commiting wrong decisions in life will get you NO WHERE but infact will make you fall even more day by day...I hope you will make the right decisions for your future endeavors. It is so important that we, not only you, take everything serious in life specially when it comes to our career decisions because it molds who we are as individuals and is the main foundation in our lives that helps keeps us living day by day. By engaging yourself in unnecessary decision making and innappropriate or unacceptable behavior will only prove to be troublesome for you later in life or much sooner than you'd expect it to be.
    This is all I am going to say to you and I sincerely hope that you understood what I told you.

    Best of luck to you...I am so sensitive to your pain.

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    Oh man...all day monday.... patient research sounds so much fun, lol
    Only 15 more days until they start to review applications !

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    Quote from reeta116
    I take my nclex in 2 days and i really do not know what to do with myself until then. i answered questions and i am not sure how much more i can retain until test day.....prayers are greatly appriciated because i really need them to remain positive and peaceful to pass this test
    Good luck on your exam tomorrow and god bless you. I know you can pass because I believe in you! Just remember to relax, don't panic, think clearly, don't rush and do your best. I know you can do this! My prayers and blessings are with you...please keep us updated
    Much love!

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    To never stop pursuing your dreams and ambitions.