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    I worked in this state for 8 weeks. Now the board is trying to contact me.
    I am afraid it is to place me or suspend me.
    The thing is I don't have a license in this state any longer and I am not a resident of this state.
    Along with that, I am no longer working as a nurse.
    Can the board do anything to me?
    just plain scared:uhoh21:

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    I have done a travel job back in 2004. Now that state is sending me lots of stuff in which I may be sued. I have considerable savings placed away for my retirement and other assests. I have just sold my home it looks as though I am really ignoring this..but does anyone know if there is an attorney who helps nurses?
    I frankly am scared to death that all my hard worked monies will be taken away.I f anyone knows please help.

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    I am a nurse nhere in Michigan and would love to donate my time and skills ..however, I am not licensed in Louisiana nor Mississippi.
    Only licensed in Michigan, Wisconsin and California.
    If you need my help please let me know how I can help. Please contact me through private messaging. Thanks.

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    I was a LPN for 10 years and loved it...then became a RN ...worked for 11 plus years and now am employed at JC Penney.
    I was unable to find a job...they didn't trust me?? whatever............
    Penney's has treated me well and the stress is low, however the pay is lower...and that is what I miss....
    When I worked in LTC the LPNs did as much as the RN... except for starting IVs and certain infusions ....we were smarter???
    Lots of time I always checked with an experienced LPN who knew how and what to do just as much as I knew...
    Hopefully they will not get rid of the LPN. The RNs would all be fighting over who the boss was and who was right.

    QUOTE=onehusbandsevenkids]I recently had a couple of nurses tell me that LPN's are just basically glorified aids in LTC settings.
    I though that LPN's did mostly the same work as RN's in the LTC setting.

    I know that everyone needs to be a team and pitch in and get whatever needs to be done, done. But LPN's as glorified aids? Why go to LPN school then?

    What are typical LPN duties in a LTC setting?[/QUOTE]

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    [How can that be??
    A ADN to Masters??
    It sounds not right...anyone else??

    QUOTE=ByTheLake]Not sure about NP specifically, but there are some programs in some places where you can transition strait from ADN to MSN without having to complete BSN in between.[/QUOTE]

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    I used to work in a LTC facility and with a hurricane coming...duh....don't you evacute???
    I live in the midwest... so,,,,,
    Then, an anonymous call to the ombudsman may be a good idea???
    also, the Board of Nursing may be interested in this type of thing...working overtime?? Is this something the state will allow...????
    Lots of ifs here???
    and to be locked in....???
    good luck...hope all has worked out..


    The hurricane is slated to arive 2-6 pm on Sunday. THe DON threatened the entire Nursing staff today saying that anyone who does not adhere to the new schedule (coming out tomorrow) will be fired!

    Let me tell you what this new schedule entails - ALL nursing staff will come in on Sunday. Those that are scheduled to work Sunday will work. Everyone else will RELAX until their shift comes due (in my case more than 24 hours later).

    This LTC locked us in the facility for 48+ hours during and after Hurricane Ivan 10 months ago!

    I have 32 years experience as an LPN and I understand what quality of care means to my patients. But I do not like being threatened with my license and I do not like being incarcerated!

    More importantly, I do not like the idea that this LTC facility is staying regardless of Dennis being a Category 3 or 4 hurricane. We are less than 1 mile from the Pensacola Bay.

    The management and the DON and ADON are threatening the staff. They are putting their patients at RISK.

    Then they wonder why people are quitting.
    I need that great American dream - health insurance - so I can't quit.[/QUOTE]

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    [If the whole class failed the test...there is something terribly wrong...
    and I hope the Dean of Nursing will do something about a prof./instructor like this....then....I got outr of RN school and went to Ob and the doc hated I transferred to Med/surg then , offered a job at the Public Health..was hired and lo and behold the person whjo hired me left!!!
    then, I had to leave...
    theis begin my time of job here to job there.
    I still have had no job for more than a year and a half....
    now, I am at a retail store where I make minimum butn the stress is lots less and no one asks me if my certs are upto date...
    I would love to go back into nursing... but I would also like someone to support and like what and how I decided at doing things....
    Anyone out there know where a good refresher class is???
    I am ACLS and BLS cert...

    QUOTE=BETSRN]It saddens me to think that there are instructors out there who do this. However, nursing is a demanding profession and I do think that there is probably natural weeding out process which occurs anyway. It is better to get out before you graduate if you know nursing isn't for you. Why waste your time and energies?[/QUOTE]

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    [ I cannot believe this....they are short of nurses???
    Hard to believe when lots of us are getting the axe....
    I was going to for the heck of it a nursing home and ask to do Nurses aide work....
    seems there is lots of need for them and make more money than I am making now..
    I am presently working in retail at a retail chain store...
    and I love it...but the money sucks and then I think I should just try to get another job...
    welll... luck to us all..
    we know we did the best even when they wrote us up and terminated us..
    We will go on through our lives knowing the people we all helped and they were appreciative.................
    We know we werew all committed to our profession and kept it strong.......... heck we did better in the old days than they are doing now....and that is because the boss is usually not a nurse but a person who went to school with a business degree and knows how to run the numbers... who cares not for the profession not has the compassion we have....
    so to every nurse who is out there ...hold your head high ...and be proud of the times you made a difference to another person...
    Stay well...
    QUOTE=hartmoon]Because I have been through a similar experience. I was terminated after 24 yrs as an rn in one hospital following nothing but above ave reviews and no incidents. You sound like you are familiar with the politics in hospitals and you probably know others this type of thing has happened to. In our hospital there were three pages of nurses terminated who were over 40 in the last 3-5 yrs.Everyone who I've told about my case say I was scapegoated or hazed. The unit director who fired me is young and this was her first management position and she had her title for less than three months when she terminated me. The clincher is that not only did they terminate me they filed a complaint with the State Board of Nursing and the charges are completely trumpted up and nearly complete lies. The investigator from the State Board was completely disgusted with my unit director and the hospital because they wouldn't cooperate with the interviewer and she went so far as to advise me to sue them and in turn report them to the board. So 6 months later and 7000.00 for a good Lawyer, I've just been told that in the state of Pa anyone can make any complaint against you to the Board and even if there's NO truth whatsoever to it you cannot use it to sue them AND even if vindicated by the State, it will stay on your record forever.I also know by now that unless you belong to a union ,you have no rights as an employee. they can fire you for not liking the way you look.What does that say about our profession and why so many nurses like us want no more to do what they once loved.[/QUOTE]

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    I think it is when the administration thinks I am invisible. No recognition... and no thank yu ....but definitey get you for all those bad errors, your actions, (when you meant to do the right thing) totally misunderstood

    Quote from Chad_KY_SRNA
    The best I have heard is from a nurse who said that one night she was floated to oncology at the hospital she used to work at. She was given a patient who was passing away and had been unconscious for several days. At one point during the night the nurse went into the room and the patient was at the top of the bed and looked at her and said, "don't let them take me!", the nurse was freaked out and asked her who was going to take her and she said that black thing up there and pointed up in the air. This patient died within minutes.

    Come on now share your stories, I know you have seen and heard freaky things.

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    Sorry to hear that they are throwing out nurses so soon!
    I became a nurse in the 80's... I was 32... ws a LPN.. worked at a local hospital a small town. where the hospital had peds, geriatric, ortho, med-surg... well you get the pic ..lots of ewverything...
    Now, at that time in 82 you never needed a specialty. After some time(can't remember when this happened) I was placed on probation for a 2 week period on another floor and given the same four patients (yeah people actually stayed that long) ..
    After the first week, I had to give report to the charge nurse and she said I was doing an excellent job!!!!
    and, was told that I needeed to check on the previous nurse and not to have any one do my charting...etc...
    I followed her advice...and after 2 weeks I went back to my floor...
    I guess what I am getting at is that they retained and educated and were able to give the nurse some feedback....thus allowing me to continue on....

    the hospital in this town had to merge with the hospital acroos the river...another state....
    that was when DRGs came in... and the LPNs were laid off...
    too many nurses for one hospital...
    so.. I stayed at home for 5 ex had a good job(teacher) and I loved the fact I could stay at homer with my 2 little ones...
    then, I became pregnant...delivered at 36...he had a cleft lip/palate.
    lots of surgeries..he is soo cute now....
    big bro and sis were 5 and 8 when he was I was busy the first year or so with his surgeries,etc.
    In 89 I went back to work....
    all I had to do was call the hospital..
    and ask if any opening...fill out an to the manager and wella I had a job..
    It was nights but it was in OB/GYN and I loved it!~!!
    My manager encouraged me after a couple of years to return to school and get my the only school here is a college where you could receivean for the hell of it I returned to school..graduated in 92 and was a RN wow!!!!
    I went through the orientation..did lots of good things and missed others...
    then, the doc who delivered my last child began to complain about me...went to meetings ...everyone was supporting me..I felt so good...then all of a sudden no more meetings..and the manager asked me to go to Med/surg floor permanently.....and NO more support from my collegues...
    so I transfered... and went to med surg where you had to pull people up yourself..and ow my back...
    I began to look at other options....just as I did the public health DON who also worked in the hospital asked me to work for her...
    left the hospital...went to public health and because the nurse who was helping me ...well let us just say she was no help!
    I was asked to leave and I did so....
    that is when I began to loose the hospital for some 61/2 years...then 3 months at public health.....
    Iwent to a nursing home..where I found the greastest supervisor....she gave me back my confidence and I was feeling good,/./
    but then in 2000 the ex left...I had a 13 yer old son to take care of...let alone bills...worked as a cashier through my divorce...and found a job at another nursing home...........this one was where they pulled you in the office on your time and took 45 minutes ....till finally i was suspened then terminated...
    Iwent in on my days off to run antibiotics.. ..put in extra time to finish reports...
    it seems that no one wants to retain a nurse..
    If you are their friend ..a buddy...then you are retained....
    I now presently work for a Best Western where I do housekeeping...for ^ bucks an hour...
    I tell everyone I am retired...
    If only they told me to specialize... and by the way travel nursing is just as hard....
    I have tried everything...
    to get a job that is...oh...the one thing why people will not rehire I helped a friend who's mom was hurt a nursing home and spoke to the attorney...
    sorry to hear that they did the same to you.

    Quote from Bindy
    Hi, I am new to this forum. I am a 37 yr old mother of three who worked in the Ultrasound field for eons...before making the "smart" move to go back to school for nursing. I was in the hospital since I was 20, know the politics, made many friends and many enemies. I am an outspoken, honest,"say it like it is" person who believes in team work and NON backstabbing. I was recently terminated from a position as a staff nurse at a local hospital in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. I was in this program that would supposedly take me from med-surg all the way up to ICU/CCU. That's what I wanted. Ever since I had started at this institution I have encountered nothing but negative feedback. I am a new nurse, six month's into the GAME. I have been pulled into the nursing office about three times,confronted by two nurse managers that they feel I was just not getting it. That was the first meeting, when I was there on the floor as a new nurse for only 6 days. Then second meeting they told me that I wasn't filling out my I/O sheets (O.K) that "other nurses" were complaining that I was unaproachable, defensive, unfocused, and that patients were complaining too. I said, O.K, can you give me some examples so I know what to work on. They said that they didn't have it ALL written down but there were numerous complaints. I also supposedly talked about alot of the nurses to other nurses. ( At this point I am thinking am I in high school?) So I left that meeting solum and beaten....vowing to not say a peep to anyone. I have three children here to feed and a marriage on the rocks. But unfortunately I have a personality that loves to laugh, talk, help others, and really want to make a difference in patients and my coworkers lives. So that didn't last. I was told I was on probation again....after 5 months on the floor and that I was not ready to be trained on the telemetry floor. ( My background is Cardiology...Echo, holter scanning, etc.) The very next week they ( nursing office) decide to pull me to the telemetry floor, by myself, no preceptor or co-assign for 12 hrs. (Humph!) They( nursing office) call me about 3pm and ask me to stay to 7pm, there on telemtry. I opened my big 'ol mouth and said "Isn't it funny how I am not ready to be trained in telemtry but you can put me here for twelve hours." I stayed. The next week they pull me to the Oncology floor, which is a hospice floor also. I did a two week rotation there in December. I recieved 5 patients....One was dying...and did die on me, a psych patient with medical issues, a drug seeker, a normal medical case, and last but certainly not the least, a OPT coming in for blood that spoke only Russian. Well, my day was hell, so one of the other nurses "started" the ball rolling as far as my patient that had to recieve blood. She did the assessment and "got them ready for me". I was left with the IV stick and getting the blood. I did this all after sticking this poor woman three times because of rolly veins and I proceeded with it when the clerk told me the blood was ready. Appartently there were med's to give prior to the blood that I did not know about. I assumed (how wrong I was) the other nurse would have let me know this. She wrote the nursing progress notes on the patient and it was a mistake I will never make again. Anyhow, this woman's vein infiltrated, I took it out, iced it, then went to pull a seasoned nurse to restick here again. When the first unit of blood was done, I took her vitals and let the oncoming nurse that she had to get lasix folling the unit and after the second unit. This fact was told to me. Patients vitals all within normal parameters, I finished all the rest of my paperwork, and lastly checked if the oncoming nurse needed anything before I left. She said no. Off the next day, then went to work the day after, pulled in the office and was shown an order that stated Tylenol 650mg P.O, Benadryl 25mg, P.O, and Hydrocortosone (don't know the amount...blurry now) and that these meds were never given, now this patient was admitted with reactions and she is in CHF. I looked at the order and it had no time or when to give (premedicate or only PRN)So I am at fault but there were more than one pair of hands in this pot along with a badly written order. I was terminated. I was told that I didn't follow through. Then they said that I didn't even sign the progress note and that's when I told them that I did not write that. They said"oh...." I never receieved any written warnings nor had to sign for anything and I feel that I did not practice at 100% but it was a floor out of my realm. I hope all that reads this do not think that I think I am infallable. I am not. I just feel that this hospital had no intention of keeping me and were waiting to see me fall. I am a "6 month old nurse" in desperate need of a job and I need good references. I was going to stay at this one place until I hit my year mark. It does not look right when you go from place to place. I need some guidance here, if any body would be so kind. Thank you. Bindy

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    Hi ... I am having the same trouble... Getting hired.... I finally took a travel job..and was sentr to RI to a LTC facility where it was so disorderly...well, lasted there 8 weeks....then in apreil went to cal.... where they need the staffing and are handing out TL to everyone.
    I was placed in a SNF unit where my recruiter said I could handle it....???. well, come to find out 25 patients and 25 IVs to be done by all the RNs and beijng on noc shift had to leave after one and half weeks.... Problem is I made no money and the travel place is taking money in as I had to pay for the 3 month apartment... I have not heard from them but they have placed 2 deposits in my checking....ready to write Jacho about them............

    QUOTE=catlady]I have been an RN for 20 years. Lots of diverse experience, including about 14 years in various ICUs, a couple of years in long-term care management, and currently doing utilization review and discharge planning. I am planning to relocate to another state this summer, and have started looking for a job. I can't get anyone to offer me a job. They tell me my ICU experience is too old (not that they aren't hiring new grads with NO experience!), that I can't be a manager because I don't have current bedside experience, and they aren't interested in my current work in case management. That is, those places that even bother to respond to my application. There are big hospitals that run ads every week that haven't called me after I've applied. I have had some phone interviews that seem to go very well, but when I follow up, they are very cold. I still have certifications in critical care nursing and gerontology, managed to get my BLS recertified, and I am a quick study and am pretty sure I would easily learn what is new in the field. This is a state with a 40% RN vacancy rate, that hires thousands of travelers to fill their needs, and I'm getting the cold shoulder. I'm really starting to worry. I am planning to move in about eight weeks, and I have to have something lined up before I go! What am I doing wrong???[/QUOTE]

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    Quote from southern_rn_brat
    I work in a SNF facility. I am one of the nursing supervisors. About one month ago I discharged a patient to home. On the discharge meds I transcribed Tegretol as Toprol. I also listed Toprol, so he did get that med but also got Tegretol.

    One week later I recvd a call from his dialysis clinic asking why he had been started on that med in our facility. When I pulled his chart from medical records I discovered that I had made the error on discharge. I immediately notified our doctor, who was in our facility on rounds, and showed her the chart. I notified my DON. I called the dialysis clinic and notified them so they could dc the med and then I called the patients sister at home and told her I had made an error.

    Today my administrator recvd papers from a lawyer. they are suing us over my med error.

    I remember when I talked to his sister to tell her of the error that she said he had been dizzy that week but otherwise no adverse effects of the med. But of course I am birthing a cow here.

    Has this ever happened to anyone else?

    I felt horrible when I found out I had made the error. There was nothing else I could do. What irks me is this sue happy mentality of the general public. Every day I see commercials on TV that say "let us sue the nursing home for you". I'm not blaming anyone but myself, *I* made the error. But why do people have to sue?
    Yes.. you were honest and contacted everyone.
    I made a med error and after that I made out the report, notified the next shift coming on ,monitored the patient and did all the necessary things a prudent and honest nurse does.
    2 days later I am told they cannot trust me.
    My gf worked at the same place and afterward I asked if he had any effects of the drug and she told me "NO" .\
    I thought that being honest was just too much for the nursing home. and If I had not reported it...I would still have the job.
    SNF units are crazy.
    I hope you carry your own liability insurance. Cause the hospital may not back you unless you are well liked.
    what state are you in?

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    Quote from das
    I have to disagree with the statement that all RN's should be required to advance their education to at least the BSN level. It is a personel choice and I don't care who funds it. I have been active at local and state levels of our professional nursing organization and this push to require BSN is something that is always being debated. A BSN does not make you a better or more rounded nurse. THe same goes for ADN's, they are not all better than BSN's. It is the INDIVIDUAL and there ABILITIES to put it all together and use common sense. More clinical experience is a definite plus. Maybe nurses need to evaulate where they start instead of every new grad wanting to hit EDs, ICUs, CCUs... right off the bat. Maybe medical is a better place to start and get experience.

    Just in case you are wondering I am an ADN but I also have a BS and MS in Speech Path. I also started as an LPN then went on to my ADN and have no desire to go further in my education. I am happy as a clinical RN with 20years experience and the only reason I would go for a BSN is if I had a desire to go onto a management position.
    The system still continues to have that 4 year... and that is where us older nurses :stone continue to have the problems.
    In my case I live in a rural UP of Michigan...very few colleges.
    Marquette General was giving a class on critical nursing ...I jumped at the chance but...was told it was for ONLY New Grads.
    I was quite put out.
    I have 3 kids ..2 of which I encouraged them to finish for the 4 year degree (one is speech path..and the other in civil engineering, My 3rd just started college )....
    In summary, the system wants a 4 year...and that is too bad ..cause as you alll know... we all have talents....instead of the nursing industry picking those oldies up and make nursing better and resouceful to all.
    I have been in all aspects of nursing...even corrections.....and it was all a great experience.
    Soon I will leave nursing cause no one wants a oldie like me with the ADN.

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    Quote from Summitk2
    I agree about the rude comments, Kenni... even the comments that aren't rude are very divisive (e.g. "we are the champions" [adns]). However, it's hard to unify such a huge population of people from different backgrounds. There's good, healthy dialogue amidst all the rude comments if you have the patience to dig through it.

    Like you, I'm also earning my 2nd bachelors degree. Personally, it made sense to get a 4 yr. degree in the same 2 yrs. that it would take to get an ADN. I also have my sights set on graduate course work, advanced practice nursing, and perhaps educating. If you're the kind of person who would like to further your career down the road (even if you don't have specific plans now), the BSN is the way to go. If you have a prior bachelors degree, I think it's a no-brainer.
    Hi .. I would love to pursue my degree more like to a BSN. I live in an area where you would need to travel an hour each day.
    At this time, I am 55. Received my LPN at 32. Received my ADN at age 42. I took an online class while I worked fulltime...I was a mess..................
    After not being able to continue (no one paid my tuitionand online is COSTLY)
    Now being unemployed... I am trying to just make my ends meet.
    Continuing a degree at this stage (unless you have supplemented income) is not a choice.
    Take care and good luck. :hatparty:

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    Quote from kenni
    okay, I'm still a little new to this, but what's up with the rude remarks? we are all adults, why can't we just respect other people's education and comments? yes, this topic has been on here for a while, but I enjoy reading what others have to say about it. I'm going after my second bachelor's degree (obviously in nursing) and I honestly want to know if my extra time, effort, and money were all worth it. besides, if you don't want to see another one you don't have to reply it.

    Hi ...I know someone who is going for her 3rd Bachelors.. all different areas.
    Wish I had the money....but at the moment(clearing throat) I am unemployed.
    And, have a son in college.