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    Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and info; the info helped us make the decision to ask for 2nd opinion. 1st surgeon was not very nice;it was "we're cutting out 1/2 of your colon this Fri'; every question we asked received"won't know til we get in there"; no informed consent period, no explanations, no options; we hadn't even talked to oncologist yet but he didn't care. I was still too in shock then; got mad that night and spent the night on-line; called onc. in AM and said I wanted info. before my sister had surgery; laporascopic colon resection vs open; ablation; Avastin; clinical trials,etc,etc. I was mad! But the onc. was great; is setting up appt for 2nd opinion with one of the best surgeons in area and then to discuss options. Please pray for my sister?! I kind of lost touch with religion after my other sister died and am afraid I find that difficult now. Again, thanks to all, fairiestar

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    My sister is dying.I'm trying to get my msg. out ASAP. Please check my post on the oncology discussion forum?!? I need advice re: ca tx. fairiestar

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    My younger sister was just dx with colon ca (with mets to rt.side of liver which surgeon says is inoperable); he's rushing her into surgery this Fri.(5/27/05) She's in shock,as am I. I'm only M/S rn; don't know much about ca tx; we've all heard the 'once they cut into you you're gone' story; how much truth is there to that? The surgeon would barely answer any ?'s with anything other than "we'll know more once we get in there", even to stage level,which after doing my own research,even I could tell it's stage 4. I've read about Avastin; we haven't had time to talk to an oncologist,that appt. was set for day surgeon set up for op. to remove 1/2 of her colon. FYI: tumor is 2 in. in ascending colon;has broken thru colon wall & mets to rt. liver (2 small spots). I know it's bad;I need help to advise her!! Should she go thru with the surgery? What about ablative options for liver? Clinical trials? Please!! there's too much garbage to shift thru to get to helpful info on-line and we don't have time! I'm appealing to my sisters-in-nursing; I lost my closest sister (also an RN) to lung ca 6 yrs. ago and have spent 6 yrs. in acute depression because I couldn't help her; I know what's going to happen now; I just want to help Theresa (my sister) get the best tx. another FYI: she has no health ins. she's been unemployed d/t health for yr. and couldn't get tx/diagnostic care d/t no ins. I'd appreciate any info/advice, thanks fairiestar

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    Quote from imagin916
    Hello all, thanks in advance for any help!

    I filled out an application for CCTC a few days ago and the recruiter called me today. She explained some things to me, but I would really like to know if anyone has come up with a list of questions that I should ask, and things that I should have put in my contract.

    I am an RN with 1 1/2 years experience in ER, and I have 2 years of LPN LTC experience. I am a little nervous about going to a new place with little orientation and possibly being treated badly by staff nurses, but I am excited about having new experiences and having the ability to see the country. Do you think this is enough experience to travel?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks again in advance
    Hi, I'm new to this so please don't mind any goof-ups. I've been RN for 23 yrs.: started traveling approx. 3 yrs. ago after 15 yrs. at same hosp. and can honestly say I will never go back to F/T nursing . I've learned a lot since traveling; I feel it's made me a better nurse; it's helped me through a major 'burn-out'; I've met some fantastic people ( and some not-so-fantastic) ;the money is great .....there are a lot of negatives but they balance out with the pluses. the best advice I can offer is go for short-term assignments (4-6 weeks) til you know how you'll like it, and under no conditions accept Bakersfield,CA or Rhode Island!! Good Luck