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    I feel your pain. I graduated in July 2011 and just started a job this week with a hospital. Granted, I didn't move to a new city/state but it still took me an entire year to find a job. All I did was apply to EVERY and I literally mean EVERY RN position I was qualified for. I went on countless interviews and nothing ever came of them.

    I ended up working for a home health agency back in Nov. 2011 just because I needed SOMETHING for income. I don't recommend it for new grads because you are on your own with little to no support, but if you're confident than I would say go with that option for now just to get some experience and a little money coming in. I also will be doing the shot clinics with Mollen. Still attempt to get shifts, every little bit helps

    Stay positive and persistent. I would also call the nurse recruiter for where ever I applied to check the status of my application. Most hospitals these days are doing online applications. The problem with that is that there is no face to face contact with HR or the hiring managers. So the system will automatically deny your application (for whatever reason). So apply on line and the next day or the day after follow up with a phone call or actually go down to the facility to directly talk with HR. If you don't know who the nurse recruiter is, just call the main switchboard and ask for HR and then ask for the nurse recruiter.

    Good luck with your job search!