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    I am a past VTC graduate...and now being an a field of some pull, I would hire a VTC graduate over most other graduates from other programs. There are always problems in every program. the one situation you had is a very small situation which I'm sure comes to blame from the one complaining as well as some part of the college. Some are not made for the program, and some do not make it through. If you are not going to be a good nurse, I can see how you would have a hard time, and find a way to "blame" others for your short comings. VTC probably did the area a favor but "weeding" out those who can not perform to their standards. Check the passing rates. 100% for LPN graduates, one of 4 colleges in the nation with that scoring...and might I add that VTC had almost 200 graduates in the program compared to the other 3 programs that had less than 50! the RN program is also WAY above the national passing well as the other schools in the state. I did not go to a southern site of Vermont, but with the Northern part...and the education and instruction was amazing. I know this is continuing, because we prefer VTC graduates!!! No program is 100% perfect, but more so, look at what you put into it and not the small things that bother you in a stressfull situation. It's a great school...worth the stress &'s nursing, not automechanics, we save lives...not engines! no take-backs!