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    Have you looked at St. Kate's website lately? They've cancelled their post-bac certificate for the time being. They are planning to start a direct entry master's in 2013-2014. I am totally bummed as I NEEDED their program so that I can minimize the amount of daycare that my 3 little ones will need.

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    Hi guys,
    I have just joined allnurses after reading a lot of responses about different programs in the area. I'm a little confused because everyone is saying that St. Kate's is so expensive. I calculated their tuition and that of the U, and it is $10,000 cheaper to go to St. Kate's. Now, this is when you look at the post baccalaureate program at St. Kate's vs. the Master of Nursing at the U. Perhaps that is the reason and their undergrad degrees are different?

    Second thing is, why do people say it is easy or automatic to get in St. Kate's? I have an undergrad GPA of 3.8, a graduate GPA (different field) of 3.9, and I was denied admission in 2009. They don't seem to be looking for high grades but rather experience in the field. At the time, I did not have experience but now am volunteering at a hospital. Since the rejection of 2009, I have completed most of the U's prereqs at the U with hopes of getting in there. I'm still worried. Is any school really an automatic anymore? There is a lot of competition.