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    Hello ALL!

    I need some major help!
    About me: I have a BS in Biology, I am a EMT and currently work in the ER.. I love Nursing and the medical field

    I want to find the best option for me to get into nursing school. I hear the acclerated programs are really competives and my gpa is only 2.8. I was thinking of going to a two year community college for my RN but I hear going for my BSN is better.
    What should I do?? Could I possible go back to a 4 year university but not have to start alll over? Could I just take nursing courses since I have most of the pre req done?

    What are some of my options? I want to become a

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    Hello, I'm just curious how did your test go? the same questions you had, I have the same :/ like is there anything I can freshen up on? math, vocab, anything.... I'm nervous