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    I am brand new to this site and have just become aware of Deaconess although I have been looking for some time with no success for just such a program. Congratulations on on your success Mrs. Yost! Can you tell me what the admissions process was like for you at Deaconess. Is there a waiting list? Is it a very lengthly process? I would like to get started as soon as possible and seeing as how it is already December 27, 2004 chances are I won't be able to get into the upcoming semester. I sure wish I learned about Deaconess sooner! Thanks in advance for any info.


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    Back to the Original Poster's Question...

    Yes, IL does recognize Deaconess grads. I am a Deaconess grad and just passed my boards. Have been working in IL for 3 months as a nurse - license pending.

    Yes, Deaconess is very expensive, fortunately my husband and I were able to pay for it. The Deaconess program is the only one that would fit with my work schedule and other committments and therefore, was well worth the price to me. A traditional program simply was not an option for me. (Besides, if I had gone to a traditional program I would still be onl the waiting list!)