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    Quote from yousriah
    hello! I'm currently working here in KSMC aka "SHEMESY " for 3 years now.this is a tertiary hospital with a total bed capacity of about 1,500. I believed the oldest hospital in Riyadh consist of 3 hospitals (Maternity,Pedia and Central ).also,This is a referral hospital which receives cases all over the kingdom.( should I say the PGH of ksa=).:smackingf

    are you hired under HOP or MOh?

    hi yousriah... i am also one of the applicant from SRO who passed the KSMC exam and interview and just waiting for SRO's txt but something is bothering me. since you work there for a very long time im sure u know a lot of things there. i have a few questions to ask regarding the employment . Do u have email so i can pm you.. your answers to my questions will be greatly appreciated and it will be of great help..
    hope to hear your reply soon.. thanx in advance...