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  • Mar 1 '13

    UPDATE!!! NJ is not as bad as I thought or what everyone says...sent my application in on Jan 8th and got my ATT today!! Scheduled my test so the countdown begins NOW!!! NCLEX HERE I COME

  • Feb 26 '13

    im not sure if they will but be prepared to wait for a long time..NJ-bon takes forever to process applications.. my guess is that they will ask for your ssn. i suggest you try to get in touch with them to make sure because once you send your application in and its not complete, it might take some time for them to send you a letter for missing info/document.then you will have to wait again so its better to send everything once and complete so you can get your att sooner than later

  • Feb 26 '13

    Yes, better to ask directly with BON re US SSN required when submitting application