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    When I overhear people in public talk about how they are proud that they do not vaccinate their children, it's like hearing nails on a chalkboard. Biggest pet peeve currently.

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    Religion is something I do not like to get involved w/ Pt. care wise unless of course it is medically or emotionally relevant. I am an athiest and I don't have a problem w/ people that are religious-nor should I however, I dread the question when they ask if I'm Christian (or religious/whatever). There's always an awkward silence and then I quickly try to turn the question back to them and or change the subject. I'm all about listening to patients and their experiences and beliefs, but I don't think its professional or appropriate to include mine...I guess I wonder sometimes what the correct response is? It's not about me at all. I don't want to lie to someone and I don't want to leave them hanging either. Today a Pt. I had in clinicals (LPN-RN school) ask me if I'm a christian and if I know the word of god and then she started talking to me in tounges and it kind of caught me off guard. I don't remember what exactly I said but I think I answered with a question, turning it back around to her. Hopefully that was appropriate. I want to maintain professionalism at all costs.

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    Hi, My name is Tara and I'm an LPN in Ohio. I work at a longterm care facility/new rehab add on unit. I have worked here for 6 years. As a dietary aide, STNA, and LPN for the past 3 years. Since I have been working as an LPN I find that I am still extremely lacking confidence in myself and my job performance. Well, not sure that I ever had it. When I was in LPN school my mother was ill with cancer. She passed away a week after I graduated. I then began working PRN, picking up all kinds of crazy shifts and have been since then because ever since I graduated LPN school, I have been in college working towards my RN/degree. I was extremely stressed out throughout LPN school as you can image, but I pulled through w/ all A's and B's. Passed my boards, no problem. I'm really feeling like nursing wasn't what I thought it was. I am a compassionate and caring person but it's the stress of the job that eats away at me. I want to be confident and professional. I know part of this could be the facilty I work at, which has been extremely unorganized w/ 111% turn over rate for RNs. I feel like I slave away and my 12 hr shift becomes one giant medpass-esp on the rehab side w/ I am frequently floated to. I thought contiinuing my education would help me build on my confidence and skills but I just find myself flustered and depressed. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am not a quiter, but i find myself rethinking my career choice. I did not have any proper rehab training and I know being PRN probably doesn't help me get the hang of things either. Sorry this post is so long but I am very desperate!