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    hellow ustegrl, i bet grad ka ng uste? well, me too..u know wat i think, somehow im also suffering the same fate with you..
    coz, i just emigrated here at hawaii right,i took the board exam there, and thank God i passed,but im already here when the news came out..well, i applied for the local boards in here,but they require the CGFNS certification or the CES right, so i choose the CES, coz i dont wanna take the test, e u know what, they're asking alot, and i've done so much work getting my transcripts and everything from the philippines and back, i've also spent some money, u know, then when i finally completed all their requirements, just last oct.6,'04, they said, it's gonna take for about 4-6 weeks of normal processing, but guess what, up to now, i haven't got anything from them!!!!!!!! :angryfire
    that's why i'm stuck in here, haven't got any nursing job yet, which i've waited so long, and what i'm longing for to do since forever! whew! i was just so disappointed and i think i'm beginning to feel hopeless friends in the philippines who
    took exam last nov.12-13, got their result in less than a month, can u imagine that? they're in the phil and the results are already there, but me, im here already in the United States, but no action is being made.. we paid them right, so i think they should also do their job, right? well, sorry, this is
    long, just letting my sentiments burst! thanks...and hope you, or others out there can say something about this, and can give me
    mahalo!!! (thanks!) =)