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    I don't think its a scam either. After you upload your resume someone will definately be in touch with you. Look foward to your new position. Just get ready for your real interview! These nursing recruiters always send you an invite via e-mail.

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    A pct in an sicu is really there to clean complete patients. Vitals are relatively done every hour which "should" be monitored by an RN. Turn a patient every two hours and make sure they are clean. AM care like bedbaths and keeping the rooms stocked.Its not easy to care for a person in a vegetable state so its a really strenuous job. But you learn sooooo much its unreal.You really get a chance to see everything and most nurses are willing to teach you everything hands-on... Good Luck! It really boosts your resume' to have exp. on an intensive care unit.

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    What is the difference in a patient care tech and a nurse tech. I live in Jersey and I've never heard of a nurse tech. Just food for thought.. Any nurse techs out there that can explain??????? I'm a patient care tech and we do everything except dc a foley and phlebotomy...

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    Is a nurse tech the same thing as a clinical care tech or patient care tech??? I was a clinical care tech for 4 years and I am now a patient care tech. Very similar except now as a patient care tech I don't do phlebotomy which I did as a clinical care tech. Im thinking they may be all the same...

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    Hi Ash25ley,
    A pct on a telemetry unit is very busy. Vitals every 4 hrs, blood sugars, turning patients every 2 hrs for pressure ulcer prevention. Its really busy but a very good learning experience. Depending on the hospital you have to keep the telemetry leads on each patient in the right place and moniter the patient to make sure they are placed correctly. For the most part you will be answering call bells and making sure each patient is clean.... bm and urine output. food and drink input... Have fun!!! Good luck on your interview, its a very good job.

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    Sorry I took so long to reply... I personally would definately mention my accomplishments in the interview. A good percentage of service workers have some sort of goal in mind. Whoever the recruiter is for the hospital should take interest in the fact that you have these degrees and you plan on moving up the totem pole. Good luck!!! You have a lot of certificates!!!!!! I would hire

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    Just joined in today and I really understand what your going through. It's the same story here in NJ. Unfortunately I think the best decision to make would be to apply for a position that requires a little less clinical experience just to get your foot in the door. Most hospitals allow you to transfer every six months. I'm only talking from experience. I started in materials management(hosp. supply). After your in they'll love to teach you and pay you at the no experience