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    Quote from Nurse831
    It's great that you want to be an RN due to the shortage, but being a nurse is not just a job. Don't do it for the money. It is who you are...I don't know about everyone else, but my life revolves around being a nurse. You have to want dedicate your life to helping people. That means working 14 hour days/nights, working holidays, getting hit/screamed at by patients. It is a very demanding career not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Good luck. Hope you make the right decision.

    That will be the day my life revolves around nursing!! I have a life & NURSING is now just a job to me. I might add,that while at work I give my best,but once I give report,I walk out that door & am not a nurse again till I walk back in. After 34 yrs in the medical field,I have to laugh at the newbies & their,"I'm going to save the world,cause now I'm a nurse" attitudes.This is my opinion only,so don't get offended or your dander up & if you do.....oh well !!!!!
    Happy Holidays, :Snowman2: