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  • Sep 27 '11

    I picked #4 because watching someone for a reaction is not an intervention. The other 2 are not "nurse initiated".

  • Sep 27 '11

    Quote from Texasstudentnurse
    Thanks! Here is a for example question:

    Which of the following nursing activities most clearly reflects a nurse initiated intervention?

    1. Safely administers intravenous gentamicin.
    2. Establishes schedule for the administration of medication.
    3. Observes for side effects of the medication.
    4. Teaches client to self administer medication after discharge.

    Hell, maybe its just me? Maybe I am just not giving 100%
    Yeah - these questions are tough but some of them you just have to sort of reason out what may be wrong or what may be right and then take a leap of faith with the answer.

    So let me try my hand at this question:

    I see "nurse initiated intervention," I'm thinking an intervention that doesn't need another member of the team working with the patient. Of course, I could be wrong with this interpretation, but I think I'm on the right path.

    I look at the first answer - I can't safely administer IV gentamicin without a doctor's order. So I'm not choosing this option.

    I look at the second answer - I can't schedule administration because the MD's write the frequency of when the patient take his or her medication. So I'm not choosing this option.

    The third and the fourth answer both look really good to me. But I have a small problem with the fourth answer - "after discharge." He or she should be taught before discharge to administer their medication.

    So I'm going with the third option - observing for side effects of the medication.

    Did I get it right or wrong?

    Now if I got it wrong, I'd like to know why I got it wrong and then I'd consider how I can improve the next time I get a question similar to this.

    *The trick is to sort of reason things out - even if you get a question wrong, if you start to reason things out, you'll see that you will get better at answering these type of questions. Also do as many questions as possible in NCLEX books.*

    Either way - good luck and I hope you do better on your next test. =D