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    I sent out my NCLEX application to the NJ BON and i have a question about the finger printing process.

    A family emergency came up and I will be leaving the country to take care of my grandmother for a couple of months and i won't be able to complete the finger printing until i get back.

    must the finger printing be completed to get my eligibility.?

    The application states " When the Board receives the Certification and Authorization Form for a Criminal History Background Check, you will then receive instructions on the fingerprinting process. You will be eligible to sit for the appropriate NCLEX licensing examination. However, you will not be permitted to work or be licensed as a nurse in the State of New Jersey until the Criminal History Background Check has been completed and the Board of Nursing has received the results."

    Correct me if im wrong. From what i understand , I can be eligible to sit for the appropriate NCLEX exam even if my fingerprinting hasn't been completed yet. The fingerprinting is for the background check which is needed by the board to issue you a license and allow you
    to work? am i wrong?

    I called the NJ bon to clarify this and unfortunately i was connected to someone with a bad attitude and was very rude. but i was informed that the fingerprinting has nothing to do with getting eligibility and that it's for licensing purposes.

    i know they wouldn't give any false information being that they work for the bon. but i just wanted to know if it's true because I won't be able to complete my fingerprinting until i come back.


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    so will going back to school for those classes address the concurrent issue that we are having or just the deficiencies? I was able to email the analyst handling my application and i was told that I'm not qualified to be a RN in California without a masters degree. that doesnt make any sense . i was eligible before with a bachelors and then just because of dates of completion of our cases, Im told that i need a masters degree .

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    It sucks that they are being technical with the dates .

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    i was able to take the exam the first time i applied but unfortunately i didnt pass. and now this issue comes up after i sent in the application to retake .

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    spoke with the analyst in charge of my application and she is requesting for a letter from my school explaining why some of my cases were completed several semesters after the theory classes. she said she will re-evaluate my documents once that letter is received. i doubt her decision will change about my eligibility but it's worth a shot. i hope everything else besides the clinical cases is fine. the non concurrent issue was the only thing mentioned in her letter.

    if that doesnt work, then it's on to the next state NJ and NY thanks for all of the replies, the positive and even the negative ones that seemed to look down on education in the philippines

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    it's frustrating, cause it seems like they're denying my eligibility because of the fact that my cases werent completed in concurrent with the theory classes. ... it's impossible to complete those cases during the sem of those specific theory classes that require clinical cases because of the lack of patients . ... this sucks..

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    I was eligible to sit for the nclex for California.

    Wow.. so I took my exam this September, went the distance all 265 questions. Unfortunately I didn't pass. Got my results and "near passing standard" all across the board so the news of failure basically tore me apart.

    Now what makes it worse is after submitting the reapplication form and waiting for four weeks for a reply from the board, I get a letter today stating

    :::: The Board has determined that the program you completed in the Philippines is not equivalent to the minimum requirements for licensure set forth in California Code Section 1426(d).

    You may be able to view Section 1426 (d) and all other codes of the California Code of Regulations by going to our website at: Once in the website there will be 'Tabs' at the top of the screen. Go to Regulations then to Nursing Practice Act and finally to California Code of Regulations.

    California Code of Regulations Section 1426(d) states that theory and clinical practice shall be concurrent. The documents received state that some of the training was completed several semesters after the theory classes. ::::::

    I email the evaluator in charge of my application and she explains ::::
    You have options and that is to apply to the LVN Board or in another RN Board in a different state or go for your master's degree in nursing but in California you are not qualified as a RN without the Master's degree.

    According to the RLE and the school's curriculum you should have completed the scrubs in NCM 101 and 102 but they were completed in NCM 104, 105 and 103. I am enclosing a copy of the letter that was sent to you yesterday.

    I'm angry and sad at the same time. How is it possible that I was eligible to take the nclex the first time I applied and not eligible to retake now? I went from meeting the requirements of an RN to now meeting the requirements of an LVN. How is this possible?

    They are saying I'm ineligible based on the dates of completion of my cases. The school requires 5 major, 5 minor, 5 assisted delivery, 5 actual delivery, and 5 cord dressing clinical cases which I completed or else I wouldn't have been able to graduate. All of a sudden Ca board is being technical about the completion dates of these cases. The school is well aware of the fact that completion of these cases is impossible to be concurrent with the theoretical classes. It is not always guaranteed that students will complete the needed cases in concurrent with the theoretical because there are times when there aren't any patients in the hospitals that we are rotated in. It is for this reason that the school allows completion of the needed cases through out the following semesters. We took the theoretical classes before we were allowed to go on our clinicals but the lack of patients made it difficult to complete those 5 cases during that semester. That's why some of my cases were completed one or two semesters after the theory classes.

    Am I understanding this correctly? I thought all that matters was that my cases were complete regardless if it was completed in concurrent/along with theoretical or after theoretical. I learned what I was suppose to learn it just so happen that exposure to the actual thing came a semester later.

    So now they are saying I can't sit for the nclex in California and I need to complete a masters degree to be qualified as an Rn in California. Is this possible? I went to school graduated with a BSN and in the end I'm told that I only qualify to be a LVN after submitting a reapplication for nclex. .

    Clarification would be nice and I would appreciate any advice. This just makes me question if nursing is even the right fit for me cause it's been obstacles after obstacles.

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    is it possible to be denied eligibility to retake the exam a second, even after being eligible and sitting for the exam the first time?

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    so i have to wait for a eligibility letter again? thanks silverdragon102

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    for those who needed to take the nclex a second time in california, i was wondering what the process is to reapply.?

    i know i would have to send a reapplication to the state. my question is , will the bon issue a second eligibility letter and a new ATT?

    thanks in advance

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    yea they asked for the same documents. they even asked me for copies of my registration cards for all of the semesters that i was enrolled in the school, tuition receipts, and a copy of my school ID.. i was able to provide those and. i got lucky because my school knew from past students who graduated and applied for CA which documents they should send so they sent it with my transcripts . the only reason why my eligibility took so long was because the release of my diploma was delayed.

    try calling the board early in the morning like at 9 until you get through and connected to your evaluator. this way you speak to them directly and they can clarify any questions you have.

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    i went through the same thing. they asked for numerous requirements. Surprisingly they replied pretty fast. . i would suggest calling the board and ask them to connect you to the person handling your application. then ask him or her all the questions you need answers for

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    i would appreciate it if someone would forward the study tips to my email please. thanks in advance.

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    rune23 and bern026, what school did you graduate from?

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    Quote from Bern026
    I understand. But they could've just say something about the need for those requirements. I was expecting for my eligibility after I responded to their first request for some additional requirements. I just don't know why they need like a "student handbook" as a part of their requirements. Their policies might have changed but they could've atleast update or tell something on their website. I know I'm not the only one having problems with regards to this matter, it's just hard to deal with it when your just expecting someone from another country to communicate with my school while I'm here in the US.
    just curious. what school did you graduate from?