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    I was fired 2 1/2 months ago. I have been a nurse for 14 years and was working for 4 1/2 years at my previous position. I have applied and applied until I am blue in the face! I figure my past employer is saying bad things about me when people call for reference. I do live in a small enough town that there is not all that many positions available.

    My last employer did report me to the Board but I have not heard anything from them. I was told that If and only If they decited to investigate they would send me a letter for a meeting with the investigator. I understand from them that after that meeting they will decide at if it needs to go to the board meeting for disiplinary action. I don't think it will ever get that far.

    I am frustrated. Very Frustrated. I can go back to the agency work that I done previously. BUT, if I do that, and one of the places I work for, for the agency, is ready to hire. I can't go to work for them for 2 years unless they buy out my contract. So, I guess I am saying I am very frustrated... (and the hubby is too since the bills are getting piled up)


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    As long as you are not "active" you can work as far as I know.

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    As a LPN I "teach" new Rn's how to be a nurse all the time. Schools teach you the bookwork. On the job is how you become a Nurse! Become a Nurse. Take on the job education from each and every person you work with. Remember, even the CNA might know more than you. I work with a CNA that has been one for more than 20 years. She can spot problems before many others. She doesn't have the schooling behind her, but she has knowledge. Soak up the knowledge.

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    I usually just turn around Roll my eyes, and then tell them I am proud of them for following their dreams.

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    As you are a nurse longer, you will get into your groove. You will automatically have things you chart. things you do automatically and don't really "think" about it much. forinstance. When I pull an IV I always look at the canula. I do this without thinking because I have been doing it for so long. so when I chart that the IV was removed I chart "IV removed c canula intact. no redness or drainage noted. bandaid placed."

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    Ok, I was just reading, and had to activate an account just so I could post on this. I do have dentures. I know alot of people and nurses that have dentures. I also know some that do not wear their dentures. Even the ones that "think" that they look fine without them are wrong. Sorry, this is my opinion. When you are a professional you must look the part of a professional. You expect unit managers to come to work in clean cloths. not dirty hair, cloths that are not to tight or to big. All these things you may think... what? but really. If I was a patient and had the unit manager come in to talk with me because I had a problem with a nurse or dr or anything to that effect. I would think that you weren't professional.
    If your dentures hurt you. You need to go back to the Dentist and get a new set. it takes several fittings to maake them work correctly.
    I hate to sound so mean, but I am with your bosses here.