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    Right....I like that quote too....My new years resolution perhaps.

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    How about mine is dysfunctional all year round. Somebody's always no talking to someone then you get both parties on your phone telling you why you shouldn't be talking to either one. I tell both of them to get off my phone. (In the nicest possible way of course) Some people I found out aren't happy until its drama. I just laugh and keep it moving.

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    That's why I don't FB...its nothing in the world I really need to update people about every 5 min. I believe FB has developed into a whole other monster. I've seen it ruin several relationships and cause nothing but Drama. I closed my page down a long time ago. I refuse to be apart of that.

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    Yes, CHG is better than just alcohol wipe alone. The swab caps have CHG in them also and that's the point.of putting them on the ends of your lines, there is no need to remove cap and wipe again. Those little Orange caps are saturated with CHG and alcohol.

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    Sometimes I wish I can be alone as I don't really like dealing with people all the husband, other family members. Although this feeling comes and goes,.... I really should have cherished my single days more instead of people thinking they know what's best all the time, really?...sometimes I don't want to cook, wash clothes every other day, once a week maybe, or whenever I felt like it. I don't want to have sex, all the time, or be some stripped either....sometimes I sit in the car for a while before going inside. Or when I see my parents calling I send it to voicemail. I know I probably shouldn't say, type, or think these things, but such is my mood right now. Like I said it comes and goes. Thanks for letting me share.

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    ROTFL!!!!!!!.....This is so funny!!!!, My DH and I got a good laugh!

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    I agree it is time for the situation you're in to change, It's not fair to you or your Mom to keep helping or providing that comfort in knowing you'll always be there to pay the bills. I know this can be a very stressful situation. Being her daughter you want to help, but you shouldn't to the expense of your happiness and sanity. Maybe be honest with her, you and her sit down and try to look at it objectively, leave all emotion out of the conversation, maybe you can come up with a deadline or timeline by x day I'm not going to be providing financial help anymore, maybe help her set a budget so that when you do stop the money flow she can take care of herself. Can your other sister help financially? Be firm in your decision, go to that conversation with a gameplan and stick too it. Be prepared for a lot of emotions, guilt trips, and possibly anger. If this is something you truly want you have to be strong in your convictions. Trust me, when Mom and Sis realize your serious, their own survival skills kick in. Be strong, and best wishes to you.

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    Good Morning all,

    Its such a beautiful day here in Southeast Texas, the sun is shining, the weather is cool, which is a much welcomed thing in this part of the world. Just did my 2 in a row, looking forward to just relaxing on my days off. Not a bad night, not too busy. Trying to decide should I try to stay up as long as possible or go to sleep now. Idk.... Well hope your day is as good as mine is starting out to be.

    Have a blessed one.

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    Ive given money to close family and friends. Saying it was a loan almost gaurranteed I didnt get it back. Which is ok. I guess.

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    I've posted this response on a similar thread but, its so real to me its worth repeating it so here it goes.

    1) Thank God for second chances! This time last year I was in a really good place financially, emotionally, job stability, stable home. You think I would just build on what I had, but no not me. I had to go being ungrateful, and threw it all away because I thought the grass was greener, and of course it wasn't. So now here I am today having to start all over again. But the part that's mind boggling to me is. All the things I lost or threw away. I've gotten it all back, better than what I had, all I can say is thank you Jesus, cause it definetly wasn't me. No way!!!!

    2) I'm glad my family is all okay, everyone in my immediate family is still in the land of the living.
    3) I'm glad my husband and I are deciding to work through our differences and not become another divorce statistic.
    4) My Dad and I are finally.....getting along.
    5) For the first time in a long time I love what I see when I look in the mirror, all my flaws and all.

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    I don't like or watch the show, but love the scrubs very comfortable for a 12 hour shift.

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    I'm for patient satisfaction but not to the extent of the nurses sanity that because of the customer service push that has been created. the extra stress that's added to the nurse who's already dealing with 7 patients as myself. I think some facilities put PG scores over nursing care and thus the problems begin. It is not okay to encourage some patients and familys bad behavior, and see this happening more often because of PG.

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    Man that's a good idea thanks rdsxfnrn, I think I will do this also!

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    I agree at my facility only the urologist can change suprapubic caths.

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    You need to call and clarify the orders with the doc. What has the BS been trending before meals lately? They might need a dose adjustment, this is something that the doc would want to know.