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  • Jun 3

    We have a sheet in front of each patients med log that tells us how they take their pills.. I also leave small notes on these sheets for the fill in nurse's if there is a special trick to getting someone to actually TAKE their meds. Maybe you could incorporate one of those sheets to help you memorize your patients med preferences.

    I also highlight under each patients name on the census sheet that needs chem sticked. I write their number in the highlighted box I made and have a circle next to that for the amount of coverage given.
    I put a dot next to all the ones that leave the floor for dinner. number 1 in the color dot for first seating and 2 for second seating. I always get the ones that are leaving first done first. I put a slash next to each patient that is complete so I do not miss anyone and then back slash over it for second med pass. I have an x next to each patient by the end of the night indicating no one missed meds.

    There are a lot of tricks you can personalize that will help you along the way. It just takes some time to get used to everything and create your own personal "system".

    Speed comes with time. I will tell everyone that is willing to listen NOT to focus on that when you are first learning something. Accuracy first. ALWAYS accuracy first! You do not want to be putting bad habits into your subconscious.

    As you do repetitive things it gets burned into memory. Memory is where the subconscious pulls from to "start without you" Teach your subconscious the proper way right from the start and you will have a lot less trouble down the line. Speed in anything we do comes from the subconscious mind working faster than the conscious mind does. Pulling open the next drawer for meds AND pulling the RIGHT drawer open without even thinking about it for example. Keep your med cart organized so your subconscious CAN help you pick up speed. Speed comes with time. Do not try to force it that is when you make serious errors.