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    i didn`t make it back in.. my re-admission was denied because 1- didn`t handle the situation properly, and 2- tried to hide my use of cell phone .. and because i hid the phone which would have been OK to have in our clinical the teacher was able to effectively prove that she was watching me the whole time from the other end of the hall and did not see me with a watch or cell phone timer while checking the vital sign so i was committing dishonesty since there was no other way to time the vital sign.

    well.. i`m stumped and not sure what else to do. anyone know of a program that i can get into that is accredited that will still have me and is valid for PA?.. and won`t take forever to get? .. this is such a disappointment

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    That is an awesome idea.. I sent an email to the admin that I would be willing to do that .. anyone know any other ideas? I`m really nervous because that decision is coming soon.. can`t believe 3 years of my life could potentially have been a waste... It still hasn`t really sunk in

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    You can try contacting other schools in the area to see if there is the option to repeat your final semester. See if your present school will permit you to re-enroll the next semester to finish up one semester late.[/QUOTE]

    yeah that`s what i`m waiting for.. the school is meeting over whether I can come back into the program next semester.. i will know by late december.. i really am praying for this because otherwise it`s going to be a lot more costly AND take a lot longer if I have to start with another school. i`m just depressed over the whole matter. hopefully everything works out

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    I thoroughly expect to repeat a semester, not a month.. thats not a problem for me. What i am not comfortable with is repeating a year.. or more.. that would be awful. The school gave up our paperwork to apply for NCLEX at the beginning of the semester.. i waited under 3 days BEFORE I was dismissed from the program..thinking yay.. it`s less than a month away I need to be proactive and apply before the good spots are taken.. a lot of other people in the class were doing the same thing. I have a year to take it now and i`m very anxious because we don`t have a lot of schools near me and from what I do see in PA.. the schools are very expensive.. like 4X what I paid for this program. This is not going to be an easy time for me financially

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    Oh what a shame.. I was actually thinking that

    Excelsior sounds like a nice option until I saw that. I was passing pretty well with a B average if it hadn`t have been for this incident with clinical. So they won`t except someone who failed clinical and was taken off of the program that I only had a month left to complete... wonder if any school does.. I don`t want to do an entire YEAR though.. I was hoping more for a month. I do well with online classes.. so that would be a bonus .. any option would be good if it only allowed me to finish in 1-2 semesters because honestly I can`t afford this anymore.. I already paid for my NCLEX.. $200.. and that deadline is due in a year.. since I thought that I was going to pass this semester and i`m unemployed. I hate that this rearranges my life even more

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    sorry guys... just read all of the posts that i havent had a chance to read in the last few days. Happy Turkey and Black-friday day! I have since sent out my plea letter, with several friends/coworkers/neighbors/RN`s vouching for me with their letters as well. Hopefully this helps a little.. i`ll know by late-december which is a little odd that i`m made to wait this long.. anyways I know a lot of people are saying to sue.. and some are saying to definitely not sue.. but I don`t think I want to hurt my chances by suing or threatening legal action before i know the ultimate decision .. they could end up giving me another chance even without doing this.. there is always time to go the extra mile after getting their "verdict". Thank you everyone, by the way, for your honesty, opinion, and sympathy. I really did not know what to do when this news hit.. and I don`t know if my plea letter would have been half as good if I didn`t have the help of the people at this forum giving me good advice! I will continue to check this forum for any extra tid-bits anyone would have.. and i`ll keep you posted on what I learn following the *gulp* month of waiting for their reply.

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    Quote from jacksonleo
    Student 2001,

    Never, ever, ever, ever... admit to something that you did not do. Last resort, start throwing "my lawyer" around... it's three years of your life and it sounds to me like it was some stupid silly thing that got out of control and you are being accused of something really serious.

    BTW I forgot my watch a ton of times and I always had my cell phone with me.. sorry this is the real world
    Yea.. I was thinking about making this into a legal issue HOWEVER .. I don`t remember how this came up but the instructor was talking about how she never backs down when being confronted by court and how she always wins.. lol.. now.. she may be very sure of herself and comfortable around courtrooms but i`m not. i`m deathly afraid of places like that so I would look like i`m not too dependable ...or sane.. as i`m crapping my pants due to pure unadulterated fear. EEK.

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    I get everyone`s point- I was wrong in more ways then I know. Made mistakes.. but this is one isolated incidence in 3 years. I understand the point that the instructor had .. but im not the best at communicating when i`m unprepared to be chewed out for doing something like this.. I used my cell phone, got an inaccurate pulse, and then was really rammed by the instructor on day 1. I`m working on communication but it`s not going to happen overnight. If this semester ends like this I still feel like I should be allowed into the program because I don`t think that i`m a bad nurse.. I know that i`ve helped people and managed to be competent up until this roadblock. It`s just sad that I might not have this chance and I don`t know what to do if i can`t be a nurse.

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    Quote from de2013
    Just curious what year nursing student you are?
    3rd year

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    Well.. first off this was my ED rotation. I have only had this instructor 2 times. we don`t just have one instructor for the entire semester.. there is ED, Peds, Med-surg, etc. She doesn`t know me at all and is very sure of herself that I just made up a number. The thing is they claim academic dishonest. I know this seems like oh big deal its vitals but they really hammered it into me that It looked like I just made up a number.. i tried to explain otherwise and i get a great big NO.. THATS NOT WHAT HAPPENED from the instructor.

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I have never gotten bad vitals before and have never charted anything inaccurately. I have never covered any other tasks.. but they said right when I was talking to them I wonder if you would be truthful in making a med error/mistake if you did something like this- it really has to do with character. patient was 2 yrs old, HR was under 98 the first time and 160 when doing apically .. the colleague did not do the HR, he just went in with me to let me use his watch.

    I think because it was so close to graduation that they were presented with a very negative side of me from the instructor.. who has only known me 2 x .. and that they trust her word over mine because she was more composed and insistent. By the way, all of these suggestions are a god-sent-- THANK YOU EVERYONE! I see a lot of amazing suggestions and i`ll definitely have something worthwhile to present to the director

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    I can`t meet with anyone anymore. The nursing administrator said she got my point of view.. but I still got a very strong impression that I wasn`t the one who she believed.. it`s up to the review board and when they meet. I`m not sure what I can do other then concentrate on my letter.. God.. if I can`t get back into this program my life is seriously going to be screwed up.. this is such a disappointing change.. no clinical.. no studying anymore.. I was just getting ready to study for a test on monday and I won`t be able to anymore .. ive never been so utterly desperate to just be able to take my test but now I won`t get that chance. I`m praying for this tonight.. and i`m not the praying type. I need all the luck i can get

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    Quote from 4boysmama
    I'm a bit befuddled as to how this one violation was grounds for dismissal. Doesn't your program have some sort of warning process? Or have you had warnings for other things, and this was a "last strike" sort of deal? If that's the case, then I'm sorry to say but you're probably out of options If there isn't a warning system in place, and this is truly the first infraction you've had in an otherwise great clinical performance, then I think you would be able to appeal the decision with the Dean and if you explain yourself well you have a decent chance of readmission. Good luck, in any case!!
    I have not had any strikes this semester.. I had a few "not mets" for writing my anecdote improperly and needing to re-do it but no serious write-ups. No warning.. just got call from administrator.. called into office to talk about "grave concerns about clinical performance" .. I honestly never even thought that something so simple as a watch could do so much damage BUT from the way the clinical instructor was talking she made it seem like a question of character/integrity.. that I falsified vital signs to cover up not having a watch.. i was shown in the worst light possible and I was so unprepared for it I just kind of stumbled though, got all tongue tied and cried. I don`t know how i`m supposed to prove I am honest and have integrity .. cuz the instructor is INSISTING that i`m lying and should just say the truth.. i`m like almost thinking of just agreeing to whatever she says just because I don`t know what else to do.. dean is on her side because she has a clear story.. her point of view is clear and when i am telling them what happened she stops me and says that is not true. how am i supposed to handle that. ugh. such a mess.

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    I`m devastated.. This was my last semester.. 3 weeks away from graduation. What happened is I didn`t have my watch for clinical and that was a break in dress code.. and when I went to take a vital sign i was confronted with the problem that there was no clock anywhere around and I had no watch.. I went and took out my cell phone and used the timer to get the exact 30 second count. I had my back to the door at that point because i wasnt really sure my instructor wanted to see my phone out .. I couldn't feel the radial pulse so well.. I was nervous and recorded the wrong number. I handed them my vitals and it was way off.. the HR.. I looked at it and thought to myself that`s not right .. my instructor said go do it over again .. I did with another student and had a number that was way different but I used the apical pulse which I could hear much better. Now I get sent to the office and told that I falsified medical records to try to cover up my mistake of not having a watch. I am kicked out of the program .. my instructor said that she did not see my cell phone and that she was watching me the whole time.. that i was facing her and looking at the door to see if there was clock hanging.. This did not happen. I don`t know how I can prove it. Its basically my word against hers and i`m like devastated.. She keeps saying that my story changed.. that the second time i got the HR i got 117 and then told someone else it was 170.. which was completely false I even wrote down 170, with another student watching me right there (its a child, that`s why so high), and I`m not entirely sure why she would be so insistent to say this.. I was like flabbergasted at all of this.. shell shocked and maybe I didn`t express myself properly but I didn`t change my story .. I might have misspoke .. i mean hell when she took me to the waiting room to talk to me about this and I told her I listened to the HR for 30 MINUTES.. when obviously I meant seconds.. I`m just very upset right now.. 3 years of my life and it ends like THIS!!? Now I don`t know if i will ever go back into the program .. I need to write a letter in my defense for when the teachers have their meeting about this where they decide whether to take me back for next semester.. or any semester. It`s devastating.. I`m taking 1 day off to clear my mind and then start writing this tomorrow.. anyone have any idea what I can write.. I don`t know if theres anything I can do to get them to change their minds. This is so awful

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    good call. i definitely need to work on getting a more thorough assessment... today was just a big blurr so i`m glad i`m able to sit down and figure out things that I "should have done".. haha.