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  • Mar 22 '13

    one to three years of experience as an LPN or RN will get you a job. otherwise there are a ton of recent grads here-who are willing to go anywhere in the state to get a job. plus everyone wants to live in florida.
    so once you have 1 - 3 years of experience as a working nurse THEN start applying BEFORE YOU MOVE
    two different recruiters have told me they get hundreds of apps for every job they post, so obviously they need a criteria to start with , which is 1. you have experience or 2. you already work there as a tech or something.

  • Mar 22 '13

    Personally, I have found that you just need to apply and see what happens. There is a lot of job availability in Lee County (not sure about the others). That said, there are also many people applying to those jobs. The interview is all about making sure you are the right personality for that company. They already know your credentials. LTC pay more than some of the hospitals in South Florida. While you are working, make sure you write down and put into a portfolio things that they will ask in an interview...a time when you mediated a stressful situation, provided great care, showed good teamwork, etc.