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    Thanks for the input. I'll check it out.

    Quote from Hairstylingnurse
    Hi, just wanted to drop u a few lines and let u know that I now live in FL. but worked at Southern Hills Medical Center in Nashville, Tn. It was a wonderful experience for me. They had a wonderful orienatation program as they do with all thier new nurses. I was fresh out nursing school and it was wonderful. It is very very culturally diverse. I lived about 55 minutes away so the drive forced me to quit after about 8 months. It is a very busy, fast paced hospital. But then again I gues most are.:chuckle I lived in Nashville about 10 yrs ago and wasn't a nurse at that time so I can't really give you a good estimate of cost of living and all that. It is defiantly cheaper than where I live in FL. There is a very nice area just outside of Nashville called Brentwood or the coolsprings area. It is growing like a weed. Cost a little moer to live there, but a little nicer than nashville. I love the nashville area, lots to do, good shopping and reataurants. I hope this helps, but there are quiet a few hospitals there. There is also one in the coolsprings area with wonderful shopping and restaurants. This coolsprings area is just outside Nashville and may be considered by some a part of nashville( I did). Best of luck and let us know how it goes.

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    Hi ~
    I'm moving from New Mexico and have been interested in Florida. But I'm becoming interested in Nashville. How is it there for payscale and cost of living? How are the availability of jobs in the home health agencies?
    Any info you can offer is much appreciated.
    Thanks ~
    Bob :hatparty:

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    I'm thinking of moving to Florida from New Mexico. I've done a lot of surfing on the internet and in the library looking at books such as "Best Places Rated Almanac". I think I've narrowed it down to either Tampa or Jacksonville ~~ and I'd like any info you can offer pro and con on these two cities. (My backup is Nashville, TN)

    I guess my leadding criteria would be pay scale and cost of living.
    Thanks ~
    Bob :kiss

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    Hi ~
    I've been looking at moving to Nashville myself, with Tampa being an alternative.

    You might check out this website
    and enter the city you're interested in.

    I've also used this site
    to compare two cities in 30 categories.

    And, of course, look up the local newspaper on the internet at

    Good luck !

    Quote from lionfish
    My name is Angela. I will be graduating this coming summer and I'm looking to move. Right now I live in Minnesota and I am really sick of the horrible winters. I'm looking at a few different states and one of them is Tennessee. I'm thinking about moving to the Nashville area, but I'm not limiting my self to any certain area at this time. I would appreciate any info that anyone has on the employment and house/apartment rental market. And if any hospitals in Tennessee offer loan forgiveness or sign on bonuses. I'm also planning on go back to finish my RN after some time off, so I would need to be close to a school that has a good RN program.

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    As a Buddhist (Mahayana Pure Land Buddhism) I'd prefer to not be prayed over by a non-Buddhist .:uhoh21: I come from a fundamentalist born again family and have had more than my limit of that kind of faith.:angryfire

    But then I guess it would do no harm if I'm already dead, and it might make the nurse feel better.

    I actually did do this one time, after a young man of 20 died all alone from family and friends because he was gay and had died of AIDS.
    Just my humble opinion. :hatparty:

    Quote from CCU NRS
    I am curious to know if you would be offended, after death if someone were to say a prayer over you.

    I would really like to hear from as many Agnostic or Atheist as possible.

    I recently began saying a prayer over anyone that dies in my presence. Many times I do not know if the person had a religious preference or not. I am curious to know if people would be offended if they knew someone was going to pray over them when they die.

    here is the prayer

    Dear Lord not our will but yours. Into thine hands we commend the spirit of this peaceful child of God. Prepare a place for him/her Now in Your Heavenly Kingdom!