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    Diddledi, so sorry it too me so long to respond... but I'm sad to report I have received only the two comments regarding my questions and no IM. You're right this is a very quiet forum. I guess the only way to know or learn anything about nursing up in Spokane is just to go do it. Good luck in all your endeavors!

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    Hello all,

    My husband and I are looking at relocating to Spokane from Phoenix, Az sometime in 2013. We have two small kids and we're looking for a greener, smaller city to raise our family in. We have a few friends that live up there or are from there that recommend it as a great city.

    Here's my nursing background. I am an RN with my BSN and 5 years experience. In that 5 years, I've worked on a tele unit, in the ED, wound and ostomy care (which I am certified in) and am currently working as a clinical documentation specialist. I'm prefer to work in the ED (which I've spent most of my time in) or as a CDS but would like to try ICU as well. Though I am open to any opportunity to enhance my nursing knowledge.

    I've seen the threads on here regarding new grads having a hard time finding a job, but what's the job market like for nurses with experience? I'm also curious as to what the nursing environment is like. Are the nurses treated well? Patient to nurse ratio?

    Any info and advice are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Hi all!

    When I first replied to this thread I was just starting my second block in EBSN. I am now in my fourth block and my class will be the third class graduated from EBSN... we are so close!

    Believe me all the students have concerns about accreditation as it affects our future and the money we just spent getting this education. Recently, we were told by our administrator, that the school had to graduate one class before they applied for ACICS accreditation, our first class graduated Oct '06 and the ACICS committee was just at our school Oct 29-31 going through their accrediting process. This appeared to go very well.

    We then asked her about NLN accrediting as a few of us want to continue on with our BSN and MSN degree and worry about where we can continue and a few of us want to work at the VA Hospital system and they will not hire RNs who graduate from non-NLN accredited schools. She said that EBSN would not be able to apply for NLN accrediting until they graduated a second class. Our second class of RN students will be graduating in February '07 and she said it would take 6 months or so to obtain the NLN accrediting.

    This school seems to be heading in the right direction with accreditation. If I learn anything else regarding the accrediting from the administration or if I hear about other colleges that will accept EBSN's credits I'll post it.

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    I am currently getting ready to start my second block of Ethel Bauer's RN program. I find it is a good program. You'll get out of it what you put into it. Each block is 15 weeks with a week break in-between blocks. I have found that because it is a new program the administration is working out any kinks they may have. No big issues just little things like trying to accommodate the growing number of students, finding teachers, etc. Issues I believe most new programs would have. It is a little more expensive but for me I believe my time is more valuable and the sooner I graduate the sooner I can be working in a good career and moving on with my education as my ultimate goal is to get my Master's. For me waiting another year after taking the last several to do my prereqs was not an option.

    As far as transfer credits, my situation is a little different as I have taken all my prereqs before entering their program at ASU and other community colleges so my credits will transfer over to a BSN, but I did do a lot of research before I accepted a position in their school just to be sure because I did not want to have that issue when I graduated. I contacted my old advisor at ASU and she said they would NOT accept the credits from Ethel Bauer. Any university and community colleges are regionally accredited. Institutions like Ethel Bauer and Pima Medical are nationally accredited and that's what keeps the credits from transferring between the different institutions.

    I then contacted the AZ State Board of Nursing and Grand Canyon University and was told by Grand Canyon University that they are working on an articulation program with Ethel Bauer so students can continue their education and not loose any of those prereq credits. Also University of Phoenix states on their website they will accept courses from any school accredited by NLN (National League of Nursing) and I believe Ethel Bauer just received that accreditation. Again, check with Ethel Bauer on that one.

    I would just say contact people at Ethel Bauer, AZ State Board of Nursing... they have someone who deals with info for schools and their accreditation and credits for students and could probably answer more of your questions... also University of Phoenix and double check with them.

    Hope this info was helpful.