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    morecoffeepls, seriously, are you sure we are not coworkers?!

    I am saddened to say that I am relieved that I am not the only person working in the same environment. I am professionally cordial, and professionally friendly, and professionally helpful, other than that, I am present on the milieu, and do as little personal discussion as possible.

    My reality is some of our patients should be staff, and some of the staff should be the patients!

    Take care

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    Blakse I stay motivated because I have financial obligations to my family, banks, federal government for loan repayment, etc ;P

    Psych is my calling. I go to work, I do my job, and I stay out in the milieu for as much as my shift as possible to be with the patients and away from the mental health workers as much as possible.

    The "culture" at our hospital is not going to change anytime soon, and it certainly will take more than me to make the necessary changes. In the meantime I am not going to loose my job...

    I could go on, and on...

    Take care!!

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    I believe it is about what is in your heart, and what your goals are. I worked nursing home, and now work in a Psych Hospital which was my original goal. Our patients have so many comorbidities we do a lot of medical, and a lot of assessments/etc. I can't give you advice on what is the most marketable etc. That is not of my personal concern, my personal concern is being in the field that I feel completes me as a nurse. Good luck with your decision/choice.

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    man, Blakse, if we still had a forensic unit, I would think that we work in the same hospital!! I can totally relate to everything you just wrote, 100%, and have had similiar told to me. And, here, I thought this mentality was only at my psych hospital!!

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    Blakse, my first caution would be to not listen to patients. They are on the unit for a reason, and staff splitting is rampant. My second caution would be to be certain that you have administration on your side. When I spoke to MHW's about their use of cell phones while sitting on 1:1's and the use of facebook while doing 15" safety, and 30" census checks, two went running to the DON. Long story short, "I am obviously not aware of the culture in our hospital." I came very close to loosing my job. The fact that these two issues are written clearly in our policy/procedures did not/does not matter. I go to work, do my job as a RN, do the MHW's job, and concern myself with the patient, and have very little interaction with the MHW's due to the above, and what you have shared. Best wishes to you.

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    I began the MSN-Education track at Walden Sept 2010. Like you, I recall panicking when I found out I had to take a statistics class. It was a lot of work, but I completed the course with an A. It is nursing statistics which made it even more existing. Due to future group projects that you will have to take, I advise that you keep your statistics text book within reach, I have used my book a number of times for reference. Best wishes!!