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    I am working on my RN to BSN in Los Angeles. I work in a ER in downtown LA. I need to find a preceptor in case management or risk management for 40 hours this fall for my final class. I had to drop out of the class this semester cause I couldn't find a preceptor. My college is online and based in Kansas so the Hospital I work at would not let me do my preceptorship there.

    Does anyone have a lead on where I could find a preceptor? Or even better are there any RN's in LA that work in one of those fields who would precept me this fall for 40 hours?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    This is the email they sent me in reply:

    Good morning,

    Thank you for your email, and interest in registering with the NMC
    All applications are assessed on an individual basis, but experience and training are assessed as a whole and in some circumstances the assessing officer will take in to account experience gained after qualifying.
    Kind regards,

    So it seems like they will take into account the expieirience but its case by case

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    Hi, I am looking into working in the UK. I am an ADN grad working a RN to BSN program. Just getting started but I am already overwhelmed haha. I have been working for over a year now as an RN in the ED.

    I was looking today at the requirements and it states:

    "Applicants who meet a minimum threshold but who do not meet the above requirements can address any short fall either by providing additional evidence of pre-requisite programmes undertaken or through completion of post registration practice.

    The minimum thresholds which must be met for any consideration to be made are 1000 hours of theory and 500 hours of clinical practice from their original training. Therefore applications that do not achieve this level will be rejected."

    Anyone know much about this? "or through completion of post registration practice." this statement to me implies that work experience would be considered, am I wrong?

    Any advice would be amazing

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    I was just wondering if anyone had a lead on anywhere that I can get a full time job as an RN. I plan on working while I earn my BSN. I can literally live Anywhere in the country, I will go to where the job is

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    Thanks for the Reply Jocelyn, I spoke with the BRN this morning and they do not have my transcripts yet. That helps a little as I was getting nervous cause my name hadnt shown up yet. My school is mailing them tomorrow.

    You can get thru to the BRN on the phone btw. Just keep hanging up and redialing when you get that message about not taking calls at this time

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    So can you sit for your NCLEX RN without the BRN having your transcripts? I got my ATT on the 22nd but a week before that I got the same letter asking for my transcripts. I'm just wondering cause I took my test on Dec 27th, got the good pop up, and still haven't seen my name come up on the BRN website.

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    CONGRATULATIONS!! That was soo quick. Did your name already show up on the California BRN website?? Thats makes me super worried now I took my test almost a week before you and I still dont have a response

    But I am happy for you

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    Im not sure about your area, but the Pearson Vue around here you can take it everyday, as long as there is a space available. I know if you are a first time taker, the will make sure you get a scheduled date in the first 30 days after you get your ATT

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    I took mine in Cali on the 27th and got the good pop up. I am still waiting (and hoping) to see if my name pops up on the Cali BRN website. It has been over a week now. Each day that goes by I cant help but feel a little more discouraged. But I keep coming back here to reads people comments and keep my hope alive

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    So I took my test last Thursday PM. Walked out of there convinced that I had failed. I ended my test on a question that I later looked up and realized I had answered incorrectly which made me even more convinced that I had failed. Then I found out about this Pearson Vue Trick, which compleletely flipped me around after I got the good pop up. Now I check the Board Website every day to see if my name pops up and so far nothing. So every day that goes by now I get more and more discouraged despite getting the good pop up from PVT.

    Does anyone know how long it takes to get your license to pop up on the Cali BRN? I keep seeing posts of people getting it in 2 or 3 days and now I am up to 7 which is really bumming me out

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    Hey All,
    Looking for some advice and wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.

    So a little background. I am in my last semester of Nursing school and will graduate this fall. So excited.

    But before I started nursing school I went to get my physical where the doctor told me I had a problem with alcohol. The dean ended up finding out and I was sent to another doctor who recommend me to AA. Which turned out to be what I needed and I have been sober now for 2 years and 11 months.

    But now I am coming up to time to apply for my license. The application for the California License doesn't ask for past information like mine. They only seem concerned about infractions that occurred while practicing some form of health care, which I do not have. However the application for Montana, which is another state I am looking into specifically asks :

    Have you ever been diagnosed with chemical dependency or another addiction, or have you participated in a chemical dependency or other addiction treatment program? If yes, please attach a detailed explanation and provide documentation regarding evaluations, diagnosis, treatment recommendations and monitoring from the source.

    This really scares me. I felt as if I had been through a lot to get into and through Nursing school and I have done everything asked of me. I will have no problem getting signed off from my doctor on this now but I am afraid there will be conditions or a stigma about my license before I have even started practicing. At first I was tempted just to mark no on the application but I can't, I really need to be honest.

    So I guess I am just looking for some words of encouragement or some advice if anyone has been in similar shoes before. Any help here would be GREATLY appreciated