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  • Jul 10 '12

    For some odd reason, I have a strong desire tobe an LPN over being an RN. However everyone tells me " just go for your RN" or "LPN is a waste of time". They say that I'm 'smart' and should try for the RN, but in all honesty, I feel that I would br completely happy working in nursing homes or psychiatric units over med/surg or the ER, and I'm fine with having a lower salary. I just want to love my job and get hands on care with people. Of course, I probably just think this way now because I'm 23 with no children or husband or bills, but that's honestly how I feel now. Also I believe it will give me a feel for the nursing field before I waste money on furthering my education.So I guess why I'm really writing this is to ask: is what they're saying is true? Would I be able to support myself and live comfortably as an LPN? Do you enjoy being an LPN? Is it fine to just want to settle for LPN? was thinking about obtaining my BS or BA in another field after obtaining my LPN.

  • May 3 '12

    Great story! I hope that others will take note & steer clear of those ridiculously expensive commercial schools. Best of luck!

  • May 3 '12

    That's a wonderful story. Congratulations! I got the acceptance letter that day as well. I can't wait to meet everyone in the cohort

  • May 3 '12

    Congrats to you! I'm 30 now and half way through my LVN program. My goal is to be a NP before I turn 40. Here's to us and reaching our goals!