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    You may also want to consider that even if you are able to finish school and pass boards any job you apply for will do a background check. The fact that violence is involved will likely hurt your chances. This seems like one of those things you won't know until you do but also don't want to waste your time. Best of luck to you.

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    I am currently and LPN but have my NCLEX RN scheduled for this thursday at 2:30. Eeeek, I am so nervous I just want to pass the first time! Best of luck to you on your studying sounds like you are doing great!!

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    Hi there! I am an LPN and I am currently in school for my ADN (RN) at FORTIS in centerville. It has a pretty bad reputation out there but you really need to ignore those who function off of gossip and rumor. I got my LPN there and am still attending for RN and have little complaints. They may be unorganized at times but what school isn't? It takes a little over a year to finish the bridge program, no wait list. It is however a little pricey but financial aid can help you with grants, loans, etc. I wish you the best of luck on your journey to RN!