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    I did High School a few years ago and my mother is still a high school Nurse. Best Wishes for your interview!
    I would focus on health prevention. Connecting student's with resources (health wise) to make them more successful for college. Maybe even discuss partenering with the trainer and coaches regarding sports safety. My first year at the campus, I implemented an emergency response team and AED training. Also, talk about your clinic and policies and how to cut back on absenteeism... they like that lol
    Be youself! If its meant to be, it will happen!

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    Congrats!! Enjoy your time. Many wishes!

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    Im in!! Bring it on!

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    Our districy policy is to be sent home with a fever greater than 100. I always site the policy to parents that say their doctor told them they can return to school. I always say, "according to the district, we must send your student home and keep him home untill they are fever free without the use of meds for 24 hours".. I also tell them that I will excuse the absence for them. They always like it when you do that!

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    So I do have an aide but she is only there 3 times a week. I applied for the first job that came open. The district that we are moving to is hard to get in .. So I wanted a foot in the door! LOL

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    I have been a School Nurse for a middle school ( grades 6-8, 1000 students) for about 4 years. I LOVE this age group. However, my husband has decided to move to another school district and we are moving. I interviewed and took a job offer for next year for an Elementary ( PreK- 4th grade, 750 students). I am a little nervous but super excited. Do you have any tips that you have found helpful with this age?

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    November is Diabetes awareness month. My Administrators are wanting me to make an activity for our middle school kids to do during Homeroom to teach them about diabetes awareness. Are ya'll doing anything ? Or does anyone have any ideas?

    I appreciate any thing you have!


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    I wish we had a district MD! We had one in my previous district but not here.

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    I suffer from the same problem. I have found that buying a size up in pants has helped. I am able to pull them up a little higher putting fabric between my thighs so they dont rub as much. I also do a soak in Epsom salt after a really long day and apply powder between my legs. I helps a whole lot!
    Good Luck

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    Our district isnt very organized but the other Nurse's are telling me that we can only use Soap and Water. This is so frustrating. How many times has a kid come into my office with a rash or wasp sting and I am left defenseless!-Too many to count!!
    What do you do for such things as a rash or insect sting? I am all ears
    Thanks in advance