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    I did and am happy to say passed. Not a terrible process but definitely very comprehensive.
    Hi! This thread has been inactive for quite sometime but I am taking my chances and will hopefully gain some insight regarding the ENP-BC process. I am beginning to collect some things for my portfolio; however, will not be submitting for quite some time. I have emailed ANCC to see what they truly expect in the portfolio (what to include, what's the layout, examples, etc).

    I was wondering if you are willing to assist me in this process?

    Not quite sure how to get this put together! Thanks so much

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    Hi! I have been using multiple resources. Including exam edge, apea qbank, Leik, and Fitzgerald. I have don't fitzgeralds online review and I also have a copy of barkleys book that a friend gave me. So I have been digging in to all of that including various notes and lectures from school that I have put together in a binder to review that also has all the guidelines. I typically don't repeat any of the questions I do because I want to do as many different ones as possible and learn from each plus I don't want to answer based on memorization of question and answer. When I did my first apea predictor in June I got a 65% I did another one after studying some July 17 and got a 73. I just don't know what to expect!

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    Ah to add on. The courses are a lot more in depth than just skills. It's pretty much a course of Medicine practices and what to do what's appropriate and what red flags to be aware of. They also review procedures of course but the meat and potatoes is more knowledge based helping you be safe and succeed in practice. There's a bootcamp for EM in Vegas again this year. If you can do it def do it or revert to purchasing the CDs like I said in my previous post I'm assuming your interested in EM as well?

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    Hey! I know a lot about this. My two friends did the er bootcamp and I am actually enrolled for the bootcamp as well! It is awesome!!!!!! I actually recommend the CDs rather than live review course for the obvious reason- you can listen to it over and over again! It definitely is worth the money! My friends ranted and raved about it and my boyfriend who is EM physician didn't give me a choice and pretty much said I am doing it, ha. But I am so happy I am !

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    Hey all, I have lurked on this site for many years. This site helped me so much with NCLEX and also about NP schools. Well, the next chapter in my life is about to end. Climatic and nauseating this chapter is! I take the AANP in 6 days for FNP. I am totally stressed out, anxious, can sleep. My practice quizzes have wild ranges. I started out with only scoring 65-69. After studying and studying and studying I am now consistently at 72-76 and that one exciting time of an 82. I took the mock exam on the aanp site and got an 85. I'm freaking out. Can I, will I pass?! I need a crystal ball or at least some advice and support from my fellow AllNursers!

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    Yeah anything above a 60 is great... On the NCLEX you only need to get 50% right. And don't forget there are 15 questions that don't if you get 75 questions...just think... you only need to get 30 right!

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    Quote from neurontin
    a client has D5 1/2 NaCl 1,000 ml to run 12 hr. the drip factor on the delivery tubing is 15 gtts/min. the nurse should adjust the IV at?
    a. 12 gtts/min
    b. 21 gtts/min
    c. 25 gtts/min
    d. 34 gtts/min


    gtt/min = 15 gtt/ml..1000ml/12 hr...1 hr/60 min= 20.8333 = 21 gtt/min

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    learn the drugs by endings and group the classifications but complications rather than learning each drug... this is what i did and it worked the best

    • allergic reactions
    -penicillin, nsaids, sulfonamide compounds (certain diuretics, antibiotics, oral hypoglycemic agents)
    • carcinogenic
    • dependence
    -opiods, barbituates, amphetamines
    • gi effects
    -nsaids, hiv meds, antacids, corticosteroids
    • hematologic effects
    - coumadin, aspirin, heparin
    • hepatotoxicity
    -oral hypoglycemics, antiseizure, antifungal, lipid lowering drugs, tb drugs, immunosuppressants
    • nephrotoxicity
    -nsaids, antibiotics (bacitracin, rifampin, gent), analgesics (tylenol), anti-cancer (cyclosporins),
    • teratogeneticity
    -anticancer/immunosuppressant, antiseizure, sex hormones, ace inhibitors, nsaids, antithyroid drugs, coumadin, tetracycline

    just know the endings, and use them with the common complications/side effects...i got a couple pharm questions and it helped

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    How long did it take for the BON to update your results?!

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    for the record those * were not curse words I said fri g gin. without the spaces. stupid sensory

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    When I got home I did it and my delivery wasn't made yet so I got an "open registration" then when it said delivery successful I got the good popup...still waiting for those "unofficial results" or for my ******* BON to update it

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    Best of luck Winnie! I suggest when you get there and test, don't put on those silencing headohones right away because all you hear is your heart and that made me worse.. I wrote on the dry erase board "Rachel Stevens, RN BSN" and "I can do this" it helped when I felt my anxiety creeping up I looked at it and said I WILL PASS and kept going!

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    get kaplan! and mix it with saunders for content!!!

    go to kaplans website and sign up for their free programs!!!!

    kaplan kaplan kaplan and saunders! kaplan makes you apply the knowledge and content and saunders builds your content, mix them togetheer you get the NCLEX

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    I did those for school... they were crappy not going to lie... but if you review content and mix it with that program it helped a lot. Aim for a 60! Those questions are taken from old just make sure you are mixing in content!