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    Quote from elisabethm

    However, many of the nursing students I know prefer the Penrose Health System because it tends to have nicer facilities, better funding, and better technology.

    Since Memorial has become part of UCH they have added an O-arm to their system-the only one in the area. Plus, they have a DaVinci Robot and have hired a lot of new doctors. The days of Penrose being better are going to be over soon-especially when they are approved for Level One Trauma status.

    Personally I don't care for the Penrose system.

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    Memorial Central is a Level 2 trauma center that is planning on seeking Level One status. It will be the ONLY Level one trauma center in southern Colorado when it happens. Penrose Main is Level two. St. Francis and Memorial North are NOT Trauma centers.

    Penrose-St.Francis is also a Catholic hospital. The food there is pretty good but so is Memorial's.

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    Quote from adoRNo2b2015
    Would never even think about looking for a job on Craig's list.
    Not all job postings are scams. Our local Community Health Center posts jobs on craigslists. But I understand your POV and it's too bad that the bad apples make it bad for the legit ones.

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    Where I live the market is so oversaturated with CNA school graduates. Most places want a years experience-with so many CNA's they can be picky.

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    How much is the online program and who is offering it?

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    Quote from kellerev
    If you are not hands-on I do not suggest working as an MA. MA's do basically everything CNAs do and more. Maybe look into medical billing and coding or in patient access in a hospital...

    No they don't. MA's don't wipe people's hineys and do all the grunge work that a CNA does.

    As for the for profit schools most places will not even look at a resume that lists one as your education. I know several people who have attended such schools and never were able to find employment as an MA. Community colleges are more respected and cheaper.

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    I had surgery a week ago tomorrow. I told the nurse about my valve problems in the top of my hand yet she sticks me there anyway then proceeds to tell me , yes, you are pretty valvely. A few seconds later the site is all swollen and she says she doesn't like how it looks and takes it out. Stick number 2 is in the place they usually draw blood. The lidocaine made the vein roll so for approximately 10 minutes she keeps digging in the spot hoping it stops rolling causing me immense pain. She eventually takes it out and sticks it in the other arm in the spot I originally told her usually works fine. Guess what? She gets an IV in the first try.

    So besides my swollen eyes from the surgery I also left that day with 3 IV insertion sites that hurt like heck and were badly swollen. Almost a week later all 3 are still bruised. Maybe the next time a patient tells her what I did she will take their word for it instead of deciding the patient is full of it and she knows best because she is the nurse.

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    Quote from Altra
    The OP's thread has discussed what she & her husband felt was poor communication and rudeness. It serves no purpose to attempt to elevate this to "abuse" or "mistreatment".

    Just like it serves no purpose to personally attack other posters. The person who said that to me has an ax to grind because of previous posts I made regarding personal issues regarding abuse and mistreatment which is what she is referring to regarding my previous posts. She is the one who brought up my other posts when she said I was a "constant complainer" and used it as a way to attack me and my opinion. As for the OP she has reached out to me and thanked me for sticking up for her.

    You have a TOS here-you're a guide if I am correct. Instead of editing the post that I am referring to you "liked" it. I have been taken to task for posting "inciting" comments here but yet you, as a guide, did nothing regarding comments that were posted to me that most would consider to be inciteful by calling someone names.

    I have reported it and hopefully someone with a little more maturity will edit it instead of "liking" it.

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    I also wanted to add that if standing up for the abused and mistreated in any healthcare facility makes me a "chronic complainer" than I am proud to wear that label. No one deserves to be lied to, abused or mistreated regardless of the personal feelings of those who are doing the treating. When the nurse doesn't do her job by advocating for those she is treating then someone has to do it.

    It's very condescending and rude for someone to imply that because I am a "constant complainer" I must not work in healthcare. I guess it's just hard for some people to grasp that maybe there are people in the industry who do care about the patients they treat and won't put up with abuse.

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    The OP is lucky-in my state you can not take the CNA test unless you take a CNA course.

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    Quote from Glycerine82
    From many of your previous posts it is clear to me that you don't like people who work in healthcare and that you are a chronic complainer. I just want you to know that simply making a phone call and complaining about a nurse or doctor does not mean that nurse or doctor will get in trouble. Maybe they'll look into it if it is a severe enough complaint, but there are chronic complainers in this system and most of us know it. Most of the time when I have come across family members who did nothing but complain and try to get staff in trouble absolutely nothing came of it, other than us being glad to see them go as well as administration.

    Just to be clear for everyone else, I'm not talking about the rare cases when someone actually does do something warranting being disciplined. There is no excuse for treating a patient badly for real, but I know for me, I've had many patients perceive me to treat them badly when all i was doing was my Job..... I'm talking about "she didn't fluff my pillow" "she had an attitude" or "she won't give me information about my Dad over the phone" kind of stuff that family member's think is a big deal, and to them probably is, but in the scope of things is small potatoes.
    I thought personal attacks were not allowed here. I have been reported for making them so I guess I should do the same.

    And no, I am not a chronic complainer. When I started to have problems with my neck in 2011 I was treated very badly by the ER staff at a certain hospital here. I didn't complain to anyone about that incident. I did complain when I was given a lecture by some snotty ER nurse about not having insurance. That was unethical and against EMTALA. As for my Mom, the other reason why I am upset over the healthcare industry, the facility where she was at was negligible in her care because she was as high fall risk and they had no preventative measures.

    And you're wrong about the people who treat patients badly not being reprimanded. Hospitals are more about customer service and they don't appreciate their customers being treated badly. My complaints are not about having my pillow fluffed or some of the other reasons you give for why you get irritated at the people you care for. And comparing my complaints to the trivial ones you mention is rather insulting.

    And how do you know I don't work in healthcare? Just because I have a problem with the way I and my Mom were treated doesn't mean I don't. Does it occur to you that the reason I feel the way I do is because maybe being in healthcare I would never treat my patients so badly and am offended when others who are in the same field don't seem to care? You make a pretty big assumption with that comment.

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    Quote from Nurse2b87
    Honestly I'm just hoping that my good rapport with the staff at the hospital will give me a leg up. I'm already familiar with a lot of the policies and procedures there and they know me and my work ethic. All I can do is be honest about my situation and do the best I can under these circumstances.

    I do appreciate your honesty, thank you.
    I hope things work out for you. Good luck!

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    Quote from S.G.
    Patients need to be their own advocate too
    Yep, we do. Especially when they are not getting the treatment they need.

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    Quote from Nurse2b87
    Thanks for the tips, I'll look into a staffing agency. I've also been looking into LTCF as well.

    Most places want a years experience-staffing agencies included. If you know someone at a facility or staffing agency like a family member you have a better chance of getting a job there. The market is already over saturated with people who had formal training-why would a facility or staffing agency bypass someone with the training for you?

    Not trying to be snarky but that's just the way it is. It's great that you did it without the training and clinicals but I think you're going to have a hard time if you live some where where they can be picky about who they hire.

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    Quote from jasminewilliams
    Are there any nursing homes in the Dallas Texas area that provide CNA certification and training?
    Nursing homes will only provide training. To be certified you have to take the Pearson Vue written exam and skills test. If you pass both then you are certified.