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  • Feb 10 '13

    If your looking for an easy degree program don't be a CRNA.

  • Dec 8 '12

    I would say most of my classmates do have the CCRN. If you don't, at least tell them in the interview you are studying to take it and have your test date scheduled. It's not that you won't get in without it but having it can't hurt you, go take it and prove you will do anything for this acceptance!!

  • Aug 24 '12

    Quote from Kilie45
    To Skip- You and I must have gone to the same program- I was told and experienced the exact same thing in my program. But here is the kicker: If you have already graduated from a program and you voice a concern to the COA and then enough people do the same--> Then a program couuld lose their accreditation, and you being a graduate would devalue your own stock for the future. Why would you want to do that?
    I don't see it as devaluing your stock. Once you pass the boards, you are a CRNA. You now owe it to your profession to alert the COA about these programs so something can be done about these programs that have programs just for the money.

    Having sub-par new grads only devalues the profession of CRNA's.

  • Jun 14 '12

    If all u need is gre then apply now, buck up and take the test, then submit your results once they come in. Your application packets can be submitted in pieces as long as u get everything in by the deadline. That's what I did. I got accepted and I'm still finishing my BSN so anything is possible!!

  • Oct 9 '11

    Please don't take this the wrong way, but everyone is way too concerned with the prelims. Your stats are good enough to get you into an interview with 90% of the schools available with only a one year requirement. The real question that everyone should ask themselves is this: How good am I clinically? Great academics are fine, but a 4.0 means nothing in the O.R. I thought the same way until I shadowed regularly with CRNA's. Logging over 100 hours in the past 3 months has proven the necessity of becoming a sound critical care nurse. No need to worry anymore about your academics. Really begin to refine your ability on the floor. Without this understanding, I fear for the new grass and the patients that they care for. You will learn a lot in school; however, there is no substitute for experience. I wish you the best, but please heed my advice and really apply yourself to the role of the ICY nurse until you really understand the physiology and patho of the various patients that you care.

  • Aug 2 '11

    Stats look good. Just make sure the program you apply to doesn't require 2 years of critical care experience. I applied to a program that recommended at least 2 years of critical care experience and would also consider acute care experience. I had only had 1 yr of critical care experience at the time, but 5 in the ER. Well the rejection letter came and stated I was rejected because I would not have two years of critical experience by the time the program started.

  • Aug 1 '11

    The scores may be reported in the same scale. If that's the case the comparison will be pretty straightforward. Otherwise, they will have score conversion charts. The same was true when comparing paper-based and computer-based versions of some tests.