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  • Apr 13

    It requires a lot of overtime in a high cost of living area. You won't make that unless you worked 70 hour work weeks in most areas of the country, and most hospitals won't allow you to work that much anyway (not that they won't allow it, but there won't be that much OT available in most places, and they won't give you all of the OT anyway b/c they don't want to pay you $100,000 a year when they can spread the OT around). If you lived in NYC, and still worked lots of OT, you could make over $100,000 possibly, but then again, all of your money goes toward living expenses.

    Quick answer, no: you can't make that much as a staff nurse. And, if you do, you would never be home to use the money you earned. NP's don't generally even make that much (in some areas of the country, yes, but in general, no).