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    @aspiring27..I will have my refresher course class at methodist hospital at working right now but it's a non-nursing job...goodluck.where did you graduate?

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    Hi nurses from pi..I am in the same position and I decided to enroll for refresher course class this october. One of the rcruiter told me that they cant hire me for RN internship because it's been awhile since I graduated..Goodluck

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    Quote from ARMY-RN
    Thanks fro the response RN2BDFW. Does anyone know if any of the reputed hospitals in DFW offer RN refresher courses?? I am so new to this area and completely lost!


    Did you try methodist hospital in dallas?I it will start on Oct 17,2011..goodluck

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    Quote from nepalusa
    Hello guys, I have just passed my nclex rn and wanted to take rn refresher course. I live at forthworth , texas. Please help me find a refresher course may be at Arlington, or somewhere nearby. the bon requires me to take clinical and theory as well. I called Tarrant county college south campus but I never get any information. Pls list names of places you know.
    Thank you in advance

    Hi ,have you found a refresher class for you?I enrolled at Methodist Dallas this fall 2011,it will start on OCt.17,wish you luck

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    Try Meyhodist Hospital in Dallas..I also enrolled for Refresher course class this fall 2011.IT will start on Oct 17..try to call them.goodluck

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    did you friend passed her interview?

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    Quote from happydrunkcat
    How was the interview?
    Unfortunately, I do not have any suggestions, since I failed my phone interview I got another one in a week and had an offer a day later
    Good luck!

    HI,I'd like to ask how did you receive the info that you fail your phone interview?were you informed during the interview or you receive the info few days after the interview?
    thank you

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    Quote from nclex123
    Hello guys, thanks for all the replies and the info- definitely helpful for me. I will surely not give up. I will apply personally to all the LTC's in my area this coming week, and if still I have no luck, I will be volunteering.

    Wish me luck!
    Hi there, i have the same situation like you,it's been 3 years since i graduated (international graduate) and just passed NCLEX last may 2011..I also apply to volunteer to some hospital..did you already get your first nursing job?..need help on this..thanks

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    my only work experience is my job at walmart..dont know start my nursing job.:-(

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    Quote from rigs
    does the RN Residency accept foreign grads? i graduated, march 2008. just passed the nclex this month.
    HI rigs,,I also Graduated last 2008,and recently passed the NCLEX , are you now working in a hospital? need some tips..thanks

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    hey there, ..IM a USRN and got my BSN degree in philippines..Im thinking to apply for RN -intern..since I dont have experience as a Registered Nurse..what do you think?