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  • Dec 2 '12

    These charts can be helpful;

  • Sep 25 '12

    so does hypotension!!

  • Jul 23 '12

    Quote from IHeartDukeCTICU
    Just look at the bright side... if they code, their chest is already open
    Haha I remember when I was on orientation and someone asked if they coded how do you do chest compression?
    Instructors answer: Preferably with gloves!

  • Feb 21 '12

    You need to look up the INS (infusion nurses society) They write the infusion nurses standards. (The nurses bible for infusion policy and TJC guidelines) If you become a member, "and I highly recommend it," you will have access to nurses who specialize in infusion therapy. Do not depend on nurses that may be very good, but have old and possibly bad habits. INS has given me a new inside on infusion therapy. I have been practicing infusion therapy for 20+ years. I am a CCRN, CRNI certified and old ICU/ER nurse. If you have questions...and I hear you have many....become a member of the INS and become the best infusion nurse in your facility.

  • Feb 21 '12

    i was in your shoes recently and read Rapid interpretation of EKG's as well as a 12 lead work book. I feel pretty confident know with interpretations.