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    Still no call & I must admit, I'm running low on hope that it's going to happen, but when I called yesterday they said they were still calling people to set up interviews. I'm going to call again on Wednesday to ask again if I haven't heard by then. I don't know how many people they have making calls, but if you assume they have to call 200 applicants, it's been at least 6 days they've been working on it now & (rounding up) that would require 34 calls a day- not unreasonable if they have a few people working on it, but if it's just one or 2 people calling, they still have to do other things, too, I assume.

    My big hope is that if I don't get a call, they'll send me a letter explaining why so that I can fix it and apply again for the spring.

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    I called & asked today and they said they're still making calls to set up interviews. If you haven't been called yet, all hope is not lost!

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    LSUTigermmm: Blame auto-corrects, it's happened to the best of us! Especially under stress

    mgmgmg: Thanks for the info, that gives me hope that they aren't just done calling & I lost out. I guess it's just frustrating because I turned my app in a month before the deadline, so I feel like I've somehow been waiting longer? Or, you know, I could just accept the fact that anxiety about something like this is normal. Fingers crossed for those of us still waiting!

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    mgmgmg: Everyone gets an interview? As in all 200-ish applicants? That would be a huge relief to hear if that's the case. I know my check cleared, so they clearly got my application, I'm just choking to death on the fear that I won't get a call.

    LSUTigermmm: What do you mean by "polimetric"? Is that the school code for the test? I had my scores forwarded & also included a paper copy in with my application, which is what I was told to do (I called LSU, they told me to call HESI, who said they could forward the results, I put the hard copy in to be safe.)

    I really just want this call. Ugh, I don't remember the last time I stressed about something so hard!

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    I have a 3.7 cumulative GPA and I got a 90 on my HESI, my personal statement was just over 1-1/2 pages. The thing I'm worried about is that I took my HESI through a different school & the Chemistry portion of the test wasn't available. I've since heard that it's a required portion of the test, but it was too late for me to be able to retake the test anywhere else. I have an A in Chem on my transcripts, not to mention, even if I'd have bombed the whole section, I'd have still received a good overall score on the HESI (I've read here that some people have done really poorly on one section, but still been accepted based on their overall score.)

    I'm pretty upset at the moment. I know that I can retake the test and apply for the spring, but I don't want to wait to start my nursing career!

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    Still no call for me, so I'm freaking out. I turned my application in around mid-December & my last name starts with an "O" if that means anything. If I don't get a call this time, I'm pretty sure it's because I missed a detail on the application- ugh! Does anyone know how long they'll be making calls for? Is this the last week?

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    I sent my packet in around the middle of December & I've been biting my nails ever since. I'm terrified that I may have forgotten one tiny detail that will mean I have to wait to start in the Spring- I can't remember the last time I was so anxious about something!

    Hope we all get interview calls soon! And just to add onto what lsutigermmm said, I've been stalking the forum here for last year's information, too, and it looks like after interviews, the first week in April is the next time we'll be waiting for as that seems to be when people get their letters.

    Good luck!

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    If I'd taken A&P, I'd apply to Charity now & if everything was set up with Delgado and I was in this semester, I'd have applied to Charity in the winter. As it stands, I could apply to LSU this winter, but couldn't aply to Charity until next fall. Oy! Such a mess.

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    Whoops! I totally forgot to let you guys know: I was the first one done with the test, which would have been paranoia inducing except for the part where you get to monitor your results as you go along! I ended up with a 92! I'm pretty happy!

    Only thing that sucks is that I never got the admission problem taken care of, so I couldn't take A&P this semester and their website says that as of this year, you MUST have A&P 1 finished before applying to school. I'm still looking into LSU's BSN program, however I might need to retake the HESI for that since they require the Chemistry portion of the test and it wasn't available to take at Delgado.

    Hope everyone did great!

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    @MsLeana: Almost forgot- my email is sydlie at live dot com

    Thank you again!

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    @Phi823: I had a hold because they hadn't realized they had all of my transcripts (which was confusing because I could see they'd posted to my student account), getting that removed was Trip #1. Then there was a hold because originally, I was supposed to be moving to New Orleans at the end of May, so I'd applied with the intent to register for summer, but the move was put off (my fiance's job relocated us) and I didn't arrive until early July and this jacked up their whole system. I had to go down to campus (City Park campus, I live in the CBD) and fill out paperwork to fix that. Unfortunately, I am STILL not admitted for the Fall.

    The best part? When I go to student self-serve and click on "registration status", it says I'm registered for this term, but if I try to sign up for classes, or even just refresh the page, it says "You are not admitted for this term." It's pretty awesome... (can you hear my sobs of frustration?)

    @MsLeana: Meeting with an adviser is a genius idea! I didn't of it as an option since I'm not admitted for anything, if you could send me a list, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you

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    Quote from MsLeana
    I went to Delgado, 3 times last week just trying to register for 2 classes and sign up for the exam!
    I still can't even register for classes! 2 weeks now & no one knows why I'm not admitted for the Fall semester. I've filled out forms, made calls, sent emails, gone to campus... The worst part is, if I can't get this mess straightened with DCC, I'll have to cancel my HESI (without knowing if I'll get a refund) and reschedule with the LSU code.

    Always something, right? LOL

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    Thank you, everyone! I did find the info shortly after posting here, but they don't make it easy to find!

    I'm taking the test on 8/24, too. And I'm having such issues with Delgado's admission (none my fault, I've gone to campus twice and spent hours on hold and every time I'm told everything's fine now and I can register for classes, but I'm still listed as not being admitted for the Fall semester!), that I may end up applying to the BSN program at LSU as well. I've just emailed LSU to see if they'll accept the HESI from Delgado or if I have to cancel there and re-sign up through them.

    As long as no one requires Physics, I should be fine. I've been going through the study manuals and everything in there seems pretty basic- fingers crossed!

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    Hey out there! I'm going to be taking the HESI-A2 next month in order to apply to Charity School of Nursing & in my looking online for information on the test, I've seen people at other schools mentioning which sections of the test they'd be required to take. Apparently some schools only require Math, Reading and Vocab while others additionally require things like Physics, Chemistry and A&P. I've looked all over Charity's & Delgado's websites with no luck, I even asked at the testing center when I scheduled my test date and the girl working there didn't have a clue. I've ordered 3 different study guides, but if I'm only going to be tested on 3 subjects, I'd rather not study for 6.

    And so I ask you, my predecessors in the program, if any of you might know where I can find what subjects I'll be tested on or if you remember what the HESI covered (I know many of you took the TEAS, which had geology???) Any other advise or wisdom you may have wouldn't be turned down!

    Thank you in advance