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  • Feb 11 '12

    I feel pretty confident about the interview. I thought it went really well. It is just a waiting process from here. April can not come soon enough!!!!!!! The students made me feel at ease and the faculty member was really kind. I left with good vibes. I hope I did as well as I feel.

    PS--from an inside source, they are doing HALF of the interviews today. The other half are going to be called for March 10. Give it a couple weeks and don't stress too much. They didn't call me till Thursday this week--that gave me 2 days to prepare myself. There is no particular preference from the first and second group that I know of! If you meet the minimum, YOU WILL BE CALLED...Do NOT lose any hope. Whether we get in this round, or the next, one day we will all be nurses!!! :-)

    Again, Great LUCK everyone!

  • Feb 9 '12

    I finally got my phone call. I have an interview scheduled for this Saturday at 11!